By ObservingAll. October 18th, 2010

So that it may be a permanent historical record, the site is now closed to new posts.

However, comments remain open. If you wish to contact the authors of this blog, leave a comment anywhere on the blog, and it shall be noticed.


  1. M says:

    what does plague mean? Pls elaborate….

    • Lucas101 says:

      Ive awakened and can feel intent. Is this hell and your stuck here? Can you see the 4th dimension anymore? When you sleep? When you try to imagine something does it work anymore?

  2. Merlin says:

    M – just as it says in the narrative, “plague” means that Francine infected Janice with a retrovirus that causes a temporary illness to spread the immortality genes in the same way a cold virus spreads. Except that everyone who catches THIS cold will become either a Hafeem or a True Immortal.

    • C says:

      so it’s a given chance of fifty fifty?

      Francine should answer this one. how does the virus chooses a human to become hafeem or a true incorruptible immortal? does being a true immortal start off being infected as a baby or in the womb? how does it work really. I consider all this speculation until the infected ones passes a cold to a human being! / baby

      • Francine Selis says:

        A virus doesn’t choose. It’s just that it’s not very effective at delivering one particular sequence, and without that sequence the result is a Hafeem and not a True Immortal.

        The retrovirus affects all cells in the body. But it’s not inheritable, for technical reasons. So, if the virus dies out as an infectious agent, people will have to re-create it and intentionally give it to their children. Children born currently, though, will “catch” the virus from the general population.

        • C says:

          Thanks for explaining… it makes it easier to understand how it affects the body.

          how long will this side effect of having a cold lasts for?

          Dr Lemon took the virus by injection… does that mean, his body/ appearances will rejuvenate itself back to a 25 year old’s body? (original hair coloured restored, voice changes etc)

  3. c says:

    i can see Alex in panic mode now… this virus will infect every one including his enemies, paedophiles, murderers, bullies… and everybody else that’s good …etc.

    too bad, he is not the one of these special immortals now cos he will be on equal level with humanity, he has worked so hard to control and dumbed down…and now they will come after him once they read all about what he has done to create the horrific wars of the 20th century.

  4. c says:

    i must say, it’s only a virus that stops the aging biological clock but in NO way prevents Death from stalking us. it’s an ANTI-AGING/ IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER VIRUS

    Does that mean, Alex will be on a killing spree to stop people living way too long? this reminds me of the movie (I.m.mortal) i mentioned in the earlier threads. People will get to look young forever but there is a price to pay for living longer if you’re not rich)

    • Merlin says:

      I’ve been looking for that movie you named, and I can’t find it with that unique variation on spelling. Who is in it?

    • Stephen says:

      Given that viruses spread exponentially, and vector via airplane, pandemics are already virtually unstoppable. The only chance is rapid early quarantine of cases, as succeeded for SARS, but not for H1N1. A virus that shows no “symptoms” other than vastly slowed aging can’t be detected, and so there are no “cases.” Or, there won’t be until the whole world is infected.

      One possibility for the Illuminati would be to release a reversing retrovirus. But that would present a danger to _them_.

      No, I think this is irreversible. We’re all going to be living a long, long time. It’s going to cause terrible problems and wonderful opportunities.

      • Mark says:

        I thought this might be the case! I have met a man who seems not to age and was very suspicious of this This is so interesting now I really want to confront him and ask him more about it. How do I get infected and live forever!!

  5. K'Rhiya says:

    That begs the question. Is living forever a blessing or a curse?

    • Merlin says:

      Rather depends on the condition one must spend it in. In the condition I’m now in, it would indeed be a curse. But, I’ve said that before. If it would do for me what it did for Janice, my wife and I would both take a dose of the virus in a heartbeat.

      • Stephen says:

        Merlin: I am not sure Francine even considered this implication. Apparently, she initially thought all people would become True Immortals and heal. Only afterwards did she realize that only the partial mutation was easily transmissible. This indeed presents a whole series of terrible problems!

        • Merlin says:

          It forces me to ask myself a terrible question – how much longer CAN I endure? If I were to not get any additional physical health, but noticed that my aging clock had slowed down to the rate Saul ages at – would I be willing to wait for Francine’s retrovirus to again become available? Considering Saul’s current description, and his longevity, becoming a Hafeem at this time in my life, I might easily expect 1500-2000 years. In this condition that I am in now, that would indeed be HELL on Earth. I endure now for my wife, because she enjoys my company and wants me to stay, and pleasing her gives me pleasure.

          But, even a thousand years of being bed-ridden by every approaching severe storm; being almost unable to care for myself every time I exceed even 1 mile of walking in a whole day (cumulative effect); getting migraines that leave me huddled in a dark, quiet room for days 3-4 times a month – no, I can not confront even 1000 years like that. And all of that is part of how I have lived for the last 30 years already.

        • C says:

          let me get this straight… the pills, janice was given by francine… (i assumed she did swallow the pills, once she got out of the hole, she lived in a few days) that completed the transition for being a true immortal?

          • Francine Selis says:

            I had tricked her. She was already a True Immortal. The pill I gave her made her infectious.

            The original virus was non-infectious. Gene altering retroviruses are designed that way. But I gave her retrovirus2, an infectious version. The idea was to make it impossible for the Illuminati to stop the spread of immortality. Given that, there was no longer any value to them in harming anyone underground.

    • Stephen says:

      Exactly the question The Eldest asked, though in the reverse way.


      Here is the quote:

      “I ask the help of Saul. I ask that you ponder a question and advise me. I do not command. I ask.”

      “Whatever you ask of me,” Saul said, “with all my heart that I would seek to do. But I cannot imagine there is any question to which I know the answer but you do not.”

      “I can imagine such a question. And I say you can answer. Else why Yahanna ask? For you are a thing I am not: You are mortal.”

      “I am mortal, certainly,” Saul said.

      “Yes. And that is the reason I ask of you. My question touches sickness, injury, aging and inevitable death. Of these I ask: be they curse alone, or in any manner gift?”

      He struggled to understand. “You’re asking whether mortality is a gift or curse? This is a terribly difficult question.”

      “If not difficult, why Yahanna ask? I have asked others and I will ask yet others, some that I have known for centuries and others that I will by chance discover. Difficult to answer, and yet you have not long to contemplate. Twenty years can I allow, thirty years at most before I come to hear your wisdom. Will you help me?”

      “I will do my best, Eldest,” he said.

      “Yes,” she said.

      She leaned against the guardrail and turned her young/old face to the water. “There are two groups,” she said. “One is strong, the other less strong. One is grave and wise, the other not at all so. Of these, to the group capricious and less strong I have given my protection.”

      “As you would,” Saul said. He felt an upwelling of human affection for her. “You have always taken the side of chance.”

      “Yes. And I may by chance at any moment withdraw my protection. As you know. You will try to answer?”

      “With all my heart, Eldest.”

      • K'Rhiya says:

        Maybe I am wrong, I speak only for myself. Mortals in the short life in which in lived can acheive great things, while immortals with their longer lives only seem to watch and enable mortals to do things they do not dare do themselves. Again I say I only speak for myself.

        • Merlin says:

          I think there is some merit to your observation. Mortals with short lifespans seem to feel a need to “make their mark” on history, and work like mad to make a fortune, build a better mousetrap, or whatever. Immortals, by contrast, ARE history – embodied history. Having vast financial resources, no national allegiances, it seems they rarely feel pressure to accomplish anything more than manipulating mortals.

  6. Observer says:

    This takes the choice out of everything doesn’t it? Not only for the Illuminati but for everyone else as well.

    Welcome to the new world.

    • Kate says:

      Today we have no choice but to rapidly age and die
      Tomorrow we can live for millennia
      Unless we choose to die
      All it takes is bravery.

    • Oxadrenals says:

      FYI, folks: The Immortals have fled the coop, scared egg-white and lily-livered, leaving nothing but tail feathers.

      • C says:

        yeah what about the mortals and hafeems who perished in the cavern by gas? are they/mofos going to be found guilty for this???

        • Stephen says:

          C: as per Oxadrenals, the intended holocaust didn’t occur. Once the virus was out in public anyway, nothing would have been accomplished by killing the people who were living proof that it worked. That was Francine’s reason for telling them when she did; otherwise, she would have waited longer, to let Janice get further away.

          But Janice is untraceably gone, thanks to Saul’s skills in such matters, and the virus is loose in the world. The Illuminati are nothing if not rational, and for that reason the holocaust was called off.

          • Oxadrenals says:

            That, and the fact that The Eldest is almighty pissed … which is why they’re off and running.

            • C says:

              one tiny and terribly scary lady against them… is this even possible?

              • Francine Selis says:

                I met her. I understand. Remember, she knows how to push over one domino to get the rest falling. In addition, as I understand it, she has influence at many levels. Not direct control, just influence. She was able to get Homeland Security to close the skies over Santa Cruz, recall?

            • C says:

              she’s going to feed them to the crocs…

          • C says:

            they’re still guilty. what about those who were killed from the beginning … like cowper… and some others?

            • Francine Selis says:

              The Illuminati didn’t kill Cowper. There was a riot — they were killing each other. The Illuminati stopped the riot.

      • Lukas Akadian says:

        Ox, send me an email. Come play. I don’t bite… unless cornered.

  7. K'Rhiya says:

    Might be gone for a few days, not feeling all that well. Finding it hard to breath at the moment. Hope everyone stays safe, I’ll be back as soon as I feel up to it.

    • Francine Selis says:

      I am deeply concerned. I am riddled with guilt. I fear that history may rank me among the world’s most evil people. I would kill myself if I were allowed, but I am not allowed. I am sorry — so deeply sorry — for the terrible harm I may have caused.

      • Merlin says:

        Francine, you are a dear to be so concerned about the consequences to humanity over your actions. However, you’ve really done nothing other than restore the supremacy of Yahanna’s favorite deity – chance.

        For some, getting the flu is a death sentence. For some, this year anyhow, getting the flu could herald the arrival of a chance at immortality. Some, indoctrinated by a lifetime of government propaganda, will voluntarily be inoculated to prevent catching it. Choices, chances, random happenstance. What you have done, so masterfully, is make Alexandros & Soraya irrelevant. They are no longer the puppeteers of history, they are cogs in the the machine.

        Finally, some (like my own father) will absolutely refuse this gift, even if they get your flu. In my father’s case, his fundamentalist Christian beliefs tell him that short lifespans and ultimate death are a good thing, because his ultimate reward for living a good life is waiting for him in heaven. He wants to go there, and if he gets your flu it would result in a huge delay in his departure plans.

        Francine, I think true historians of the future will record your act as on a par with Madame Marie Currie or Louis Pasteur.

        • C says:

          this is a truly test of the survival of the fittest. Death will still occur in plane accidents, bush fires, murder, suicides, drug over doses, careless accidents, horrible diseases etc . Those who survives, is proof, their soul has chosen to over come. Why feel guilty?

    • Merlin says:

      My hope is that you’ve been blessed with a very unusual case of the flu. I hope you recover swiftly.

  8. Bob says:

    What are you guys talking about? The immortal illmuniati brought Hitler to power, the same with Stalin, and who else pol pot in Cambodia? They live for ever and believe in a twisted logic that satisfies their need to justify their great crimes. At some point the new immortals will say,”what did you do all these years, besides cower with fear, and spread fear?”
    I am inquistive about the history they experienced, and consider their first hand knowlege a great resource, but we will never get to that point because you guys keep deflecting the issue with painful idiotic observations. Consider Janice, did she want to help out humanity when she gets her immortal life, no, she flies off with a new beau, and forgets about the peons.
    Just like the Elder, let them eat cake, pass the wine.

    • Flyss says:

      Did you possibly miss the fact that she is the “typhoid Mary” of immortality? That it was exactly her personal tendency in this direction that allowed Francine to get around the Immortal Illuminati and … well .. help the peons?

      • Merlin says:

        Flyss – Bob is a vinyl record stuck on one groove. He won’t play any song except the one he just did. You can’t reason with him, and nothing is going to make him become capable of moving on. For him, discovery and growth stopped the minute he read Janice’s account of meeting Alexandros, and hearing the confession that they helped Hitler rise in power (which Alexandros explained was to prevent an even bigger horror – the indiscriminate use of the atomic bomb). Several of us have tried to talk to him about the greater horror, but all Bob wants is Alexandros & Soraya on trial for war crimes. He won’t even acknowledge the deterrent effect of the two times in history when an atomic bomb was used in combat, because to do so would be to grant that there is plausibility to the reasoning the Illuminati used.

        • Klaus Danikaa says:

          Just felt compelled to say “Here here.”
          I agree.
          They may or may not have malign motives,
          but that can’t really be listed as one of them.
          - AKDN

    • Saul says:

      Please, sir, recall yourself. If you cannot demonstrate common decency and respect for others, how can you expect to command respect and decency from others? Do you feel compelled to seek the lowest common denominator?

  9. Dion says:

    So, I’m assuming everyone is all fine and dandy now? Sorry I’m late to the party!

    • Soraya says:

      Fine, they are not, nor art any being, for having once lived, whether to continue on or to fail and fall, the the tragedy is much the same


      • Klaus Akadian says:

        Dear Soraya,
        Might I clarify your point as being: “Life itself is meaningless and the plight is worse for imaginative souls.”— Or do I oversimplify?

  10. K'Rhiya says:

    Dion: Not only are you late to the party…You might get stuck with the bill.

  11. Stephen says:

    The authors await contact

  12. K'Rhiya says:

    Stephen it is nice to see a response from you or anyone for that matter. Both sites are quiet as of late. Makes one wonder where are the players in this melodrama.

  13. R4nd0mPr0 says:

    Lying in bed, on the bottom bunk (my little brother on top) crying incessantly. A grand fear of death gifted upon me when I first realized my consciousness. I was, at the time, a child — having just turned five. I remember being challenged by my father intellectually since I was a very young child. I am of the opinion that the challenging (“and then what?” mind sent — literally too infinite) is what has shaped my current mind. Unfortunetly what that cast upon me was a spell. A spell of such dread that I couldn’t sleep unless I cried for at least 30 minutes in sheer terror of the idea of death. Every idea, every action, led to death. In my childlike mind death was in-fact the great equalizer of all great minds and weak minds alike. EVERYTHING PAILS INTO COMPARISON TO THE FACT OF THE END. I could not think of a SINGLE thing ever, no matter how much I learned that could supersede death. Not even the most grandest of ideas, even the most grandest of all — the space with which we live in, can circumvent death. This terrified me and it did for years. As a way to move on I ignored the idea of death, decided I was unprepared for it and moved on. I began to garner my intelligence, attempted to facilitate the internal evolution of my own cognitive function. I applied myself to many things from video games to sports to mathamatics science and english ect. I have never not been amazing at anything I do. It is not a narcacistic view point, trust me, I HATE myself because of this. I feel horrible because i can see how inferrior i make veryone around me feel. Thus, through my childhood (Current age: 20) I have constantly subconsciously (but at the same time conciously) made my life as difficult as possible. I am EXTREMELY manipulative, not in a bad way, but for fun haha. It makes me feel horrible when i hurt other people but at the sme time i enjoy it. Though I do pref to manipulate people for what I believe to be the best path for them (I seem to have an ability to break people down, including myself, into fundamental skill sets that I can then apply in a timeline of application + learning = results. I am skipping around a lot and I am truely ignoring my grammar, I am quite the writer if i choose too but In this matter I believe that the idea is far more important than the way it is presented. I am telling you this, author because after reading for 10-15 minutes on your blog I have found a LOT of correlation between what I have though for years now and what you have blogged about up here. I have, for a long time DREAMED of the idea of immortality. Not being incapable of dying, because that is boring as hell, but the ability to determine what risks I take and have those be the only influences on whether or not I live. You may be asking why I even mentioned anything about myself, it is because, and only because if I have thought it then MANY MANY people for HUNDREDS of years have been thinking the exact same thing. I do not know if it has been achieved or not, I believe in fate in a very logical sense in that If i continue to be of this mindset and i think about how to find others of this mindset that I will eventually will. Too achieve immortallity you have to have a large sum of money. You must because to use other people SUPERBLY. You have to be able to understand and see others boundaries, believes, pasts through mere observation. Obviously the more information the better but to get a general idea would be necessary. You would want to be good at control groups, this person would be a leader, someone with an EXTREMELY strong personality. They almost, force themselves on others in very subtle ways. They will seem to have something to say about everything. Most people will find them to be narcacistic, but in reality, they are not. THEY ARE REALISTIC. This is how I would act if I were immortal. Thing is, you can’t go it alone, being human, we need people. YOU GO CRAZY IF YOU ARE ALONE. It breads sociopaths. You would attempt, as an intillegtual immortal, to connect with other intillectual immortals. You would also assume that every single one of them is just as cocious as you. to be found by the rest of the world and recognized would be to give up your life in my opinion.

    In my opinion this website is just that. I feel that you are either those committed to finding these people in hopes that someone with the same mindset as you is already walking the path of immortality and if you can unlock these secrets yourself. Or, you yourselfs are the immortals seeking others through this blog. Or, you are merely authors/actors practicing your penmenship via creating a reality online detailed enough that you convince others to believe it purely for the joy of doing it. My question to the author (and I don’t expect a reply here) is what is your true purpose?

    P.S. Truely ignore the grammar, I typed this up in 10 minutes and its really cold — thus my fingers aren’t doing what they are suppose to be doing. Make inferences on what I am saying. I do not feel like explaining this via typing. I have much more in my mind if you wish to speak. Please contact me when you find the time. — David.

  14. arcc says:

    Hi, I’d love to know more about what you’re talking in this blog. I’d appreciate it, if someone could explain it to me. I’m starting a study on DNA manipulation (I’m a biochemist), and I really enjoyed your scientific information.

    Thank you for your attention,


  15. nobody says:

    my inglesh is poor, so what is it all about?
    this is a fantasy history? is for real?
    i come here looking for real immortals, please contact me

  16. C says:

    I finally got my first flu in three years….

    • Mystery says:

      C, I’ve been following this blog for a couple years or so now, and you were obviously around when the authors were still being interactive. Tell me, what information do you have that can further my interest and research on this subject? I have a story to tell pertaining to the events on this website. If you are interested, email me. I will be keeping an eye out.

  17. Adroit says:

    Is this a factual account of historic events that really, literally, took place?

  18. Laurent says:


    Seuls les faits le diront.

  19. Illuminated says:

    Immortality… what a supreme waste of fake-time in the illusion. I guess I’m the only one here who sees they see it.

  20. Darius says:

    Death is lighter than a feather……It always has been ;-)
    But to live….. well

  21. Empire says:

    Very interesting stuff. Reminds me of a movie I saw called The man from earth. Its also about an immortal and his attempt to help his co workers understand why he moves every 10 years, which leads into much more. I find this site just as interesting as that movie. I suppose you never really know whats possible.

  22. d says:

    Is this for real? Did anyone actually catch this flu and become immortal? I enjoyed reading this blog and narratives regardless but would love some feedback on where everyone is now.

  23. JayKay says:

    Where are the original authors? Did any or all of them become immortal?

  24. Klaus Danikaa says:

    Ox, you don’t know me, and you’ve no direct reason to.
    It seems you’re a man who can sort out fact from fiction.
    It seems you’re a paradox box, Ox. I’m still young,
    and I’d love to die in the know.- Klaus.

  25. Jc says:

    So if one were to wAnt to become immortal what would one have to do too attain such a gift life is precious an i want to see wat happens to the world saul you say this is real then please contact me i would love to learn more about it and hear your stories

  26. Mystery says:

    As of now, here in 2014, one can only assume that the authors of this blog have no more answers for the public viewers. Although, for some reason, I can feel the presence of someone still watching this site.

    This being said, everyone seems to have the same questions. Is this site based on real events? Or is it some experiment that was made for fun or for a project? Obviously the real intentions can only be given by the author(s).

    If by chance this is all true, I can see why the authors wouldn’t have time to keep this site alive for the audience. However, if it is archived, and it is all true, then there are indeed more intentions for doing this other than fulfilling the need of curiosity for the viewers.

    I Think the questions we have are still to be answered, but always keep in mind that any author, regardless of their writing style, is writing for not only their own needs, but to entertain ts audience as well.

    Could this be the true intentions? I think most of us can agree we would more than hate that, since this sort of thing can feel like a gunshot to the gut for the people who truly want this sort of thing in their life. The way I see it, even if this blog is false information, the idea of immortality outside of robotics is possible. Our bodies consist of nothing more than biology, and thus, being a reason for aging. The adventure continues.

  27. Mystery says:

    Its a shame to see something like this closed for the remainder of its lifespan. I would very much like to know what happened after all of this, and how much of this was actually true. If anyone still lurks on this blog, feel free to contact me.

  28. highlander says:

    That but this blow might be the be-all and the end-all.
    Here but here upon this bank and shoal of time,
    We’d jump the life to come.

  29. Mystery says:

    As I am not proud to bring this to the public attention, I find myself questioning the events that have recently happened to me. As none of us have received any clear answer as to the accuracy of these “nonfiction” events, I am forced to call upon help, or better yet, answers.

    I received an email on 2 different email addresses from a person claiming that they are not only “observing” me, but supposedly is Soraya herself. As a natural skeptic, I assume this is some random person trying to mess with me. The only reason I am posting this on here is because not only have I not received any further messages from this person, they also gave evidence that they have my exact location.

    So, if I can’t get this person to reply, back to my emails, then I must ask on here: Is it really soraya messaging me, or is it some internet troll? If I do not get an answer soon, I will be taking further action. I already have this persons IP address, and location including exact coordinates as to where they sent the emails from. Stalkers are not something I will take lightly, but if it is Soraya herself, then there will be no need to take further action.

    At this point, I would like to request a new blog, it even a continuation of this one. This blog was closed 4 years ago, and none of us are receiving any news about this. If this stuff happens to be real, then its not something I can just brush off. This world is full of secrets, and this particular one has colored me obsessed.

  30. The Pyro says:

    I am quite curious as to the outcomes of this…. “story(?)” I am fairly more intrigued in knowing what was falsehoods and what isn’t though that would mainly be based on the readers and their speculation at this point… especially seeing that this was written close to 4 years ago…

  31. The Pyro says:

    Just to clarify… I’m almost always a skeptic in the face of a lack of evidence(by hiding everything detailed, understandably of course) though the theories entailed are highly plausible…

  32. Mystery says:

    After receiving verification that someone is indeed observing this site, I found myself doing everything I could to find out as much as I could about everything being passed over as fact or nonfiction. It seems my attempts so far have proven nothing more other than that the people who made contact with me are A. Part of everything you see on this site, and B. Doing everything they can to cover up their identity. That being said, I do intend to invest in my own personal site and create a blog similar to this one pertaining to an updated version of this blog. The reason for this is because I would like to share MY version of what is going on with all of this.

    So far, I do not have any noteworthy evidence to show the observers of this site that this is all true and not some interactive story for entertainment. But I will say this, whoever started it all knows what they are doing, and are mysterious enough to keep me interested, and hopefully some day, more.

    If the authors of this site will do me the liberty in achieving my goal of making a new blog/site, and allow me to link it to you guys in the near future, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I hope not to find out I am being played for a fool.

  33. Stranger says:

    Who is really behind this blog? I’d like to know so I can follow their work in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      The authors behind this blog are unknown. It seems to me that they have left no clues as to who they are, and how to contact them. They claim for security reasons to not get caught by the blue&blacks/illuminati, but they knew from the get go their attempts would not matter. Therefore, the authors should have left something, or at least returned to the blog at some point to communicate with all of us.

      I’m not so sure it would be completely fair to say there isn’t some sort of clues in this site that we haven’t discovered. I will continue investigating this subject, and will be starting a new blog soon-ish so that people can re-involve themselves with all of this. The only problem with this, is I am not a professional when it comes to security. “Stephen” did a fantastic job at making sure the site was never taken down. I can not guarantee my new site will remain safe.

      More soon.


  34. D says:

    Hello authors,

    Pardon my recounting of the obvious but noting a recent inactivity by the original authors and seeing as how a few years have already passed by since the original posting of this blog, if I take into account a thorough, earnest and honest account of the major happenings located herein, the ramifications of any scenario, whether it be one month or one year thereafter are immense for everyone.

    As such I tread lightly, as I cannot with any certainty know what events have taken place since these blog posts were archived. I can only assume chance has allowed one of two scenarios. First, the anti-aging retrovirus is spreading throughout this world or second, it has been neutralized. Alas, this is merely conjecture until communication is established with the authors or an update is posted.

    As someone once said, the proof is in the pudding…or in this case, a communicable anti-aging retrovirus. I do curiously, kindly and humbly petition the authors to instruct me on how to consequently be affected by the anti-aging retrovirus or if as I hope, the newest improved version. It crosses my mind that if this much has taken place in such short a time, how much more has happened since that time?

    Nevertheless, thank you for the consideration and attention,



  35. D says:

    Hey Authors,

    Just found The Epilogue. Wow!


    • Anonymous says:

      Which epilogue are you referring to? Am I missing something? Or am I just linking your comment to something I have already read? Link or quote please.

  36. Lukas Akadian says:

    Spin your webs out wide, for mother wisdom
    needs a place to peer through.
    Mother spider pays no mind to time and space
    but the happenings in-between,
    Our sanity’s a crazy, simple magick
    the wisest men misunderstand.

  37. WeObserveYou says:

    I, or “we”, to be more precise, wish you no harm. More has been exposed of you than you wanted. We only wish to speak with you. Soraya. You know who I am. Please contact me when you are ready.

  38. Klaus Danikaa says:

    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

    This is Ground Control to Major Tom
    You’ve really made the grade
    And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
    Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare

  39. Adsuki Nakala says:

    If this is social experiment?. please. I like to know is it true?

  40. Aiken says:

    Hello everyone. A new series of investigations has started at

    Please read the “Origins” page, and also the first blog post on the home page to catch up. We welcome everyone to get involved with our stories, and we want to hear what you think.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Soraya, please read the messages I have sent. That other person is not I, but a friend that made a mistake. Read them not out of kindness, but out of curiosity for the truth.

  42. highlander says:

    It would seem there is an impasse regarding truth or untruth
    As to whether all are being led a merry dance up the garden
    Path. Let’s look at it and see if we can throw some light on the
    Subject at hand. If we remove confirmation bias and step back
    To look at the bigger picture, we would see that there are seven
    Major factors that cause the aging process meaning it’s incredibly
    Difficult to stop or reverse this process. No information on this site
    Has addressed this set. It would also mean a master switch which
    Controls all these factors including environmental, doesn’t look
    Likely, does it?.( Of course it could all just be an overstimulation
    Of fox m1b)

    Then there is a more shall we say spiritual approach. Look at it from
    The point of dualism. Light and dark are the same just at opposite
    Ends of a scale, Imagine a straight line with a pointer in the middle.
    If you want more light you simply slide the pointer further towards
    The light and vice versa. Now look at the scale with aging and non-
    Aging, who’s to say that perhaps the hand of fate for some has
    Moved the pointer to the end that is non-aging. That is if God plays

    If there are truths, then let’s be decivesly honest.
    Is the planet ready for immortality? The answer is
    Quite simply no definitely not for a jump in longjevity
    MUST first be preceded by a jump in consciousness.
    See (origin of consciousness in the breakdown of
    The bicameral mind).

    Anyway isn’t it all academic for nothing really dies.
    Logos only seeks to return.

    Well I’m delighted to be unable to clear that up for you.
    Amor vincit omnia.

  43. Aiken says:

    One thing that doesn’t make sense to me is this: If the illuminati wasn’t 100% convinced that the retrovirus that the people underground received wasn’t contagious, why didn’t they go after Janice in the first place? They chose to go against the eldest anyways after hearing about the pill she took, so going after Janice to begin with would have stopped the whole thing before it started with, or without the pill.

  44. Aiken says:

    And yet — at times
    We get advice
    That seems like chimes
    From Paradise;
    The soul doth sometimes seem to be
    In sunshine which it cannot see;
    At times the spirit seems to roam
    Beyond the land, above the foam,
    Back to some half-forgotten home.
    Perhaps — this immortality
    May be indeed reality.

  45. Aiken says:

    The question must be asked: If all the authors were captured, including Stephen, how was he still commenting after he supposedly got abducted and jailed? Is this a flaw in a fictional story posted on this site, or is there an explanation to this?

  46. Nathan says:

    So whatever happened to Alex and the gang? I really wish I payed attention to this site while it was still happening…

  47. Snakeph says:

    This was rather interesting, and the concept of being infected reminded me strongly of another story I have been told in increments lately. About a young girl infected by a boy who passed through her town and how she learned of a secret shared by many. Of course I couldn’t make heads or tails of her emails.

  48. Flavian says:

    If any news regarding this story have appeared since 2010, I would really like to know them. You have my email address on the comment above and on my website. Many thanks.

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