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I have now blocked access to your site.

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

I observe that you have now correctly found my name and the phrase “Info: Hidden Immortals.” But you have not solved the full riddle.

I will therefore now block you out of your site for a time, to help you concentrate. –  Hafeem ObservingAll, speaking for Glenn who was.

What’s really down there? The answer is:

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

To wind up this thread at last:

As we discovered, the giant ventilation chutes pictured here do indeed bring air to an underground cavity.

But the underground cavity never belonged to any Immortals!

The records are quite clear on this.  The underground area in question is an old limestone quarry, very much like a similar and more famous quarry used as office space in Kansas City, Missouri.

These old quarries have transferred ownership several times. Most recently, they were used to store medical records by a small company later bought out by Underground Vaults and Storage. When used for this purpose, the area was visited many times, as it was not secret. As it happens, a friend of my family had toured it in 2006. But when the original company was purchased, the new owner closed the facility to consolidate their holdings. It was then purchased by Google, which has done nothing more sinister than fill it with hard drives.

It was this information that we playfully withheld from Oxadrenals in order to playfully extort proof of his Hafeem status!

Truly, this is not at all what Oxadrenals feared. However, it is not in itself necessarily benign. Think of it: Google, the foremost non-governmental information holder in the world, and perhaps the foremost information holder period, operates a vast realm of caves, tunnels and other underground spaces in which it maintains square mile upon square mile of hard drives. These data farms have their own power supplies (powered by nuclear energy, some say) and have small underground cities of workers who maintain them. Even without any Immortal involvement, this is enough to make me very, very nervous. — Glenn

One last point: Look at the antennae on the vent pictured this post again. They match the HAARP specs exactly.– Glenn

To continue

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

To continue: The idea that Google and the Immortal Illuminati were entangled alarmed Oxadrenals terribly. He is a Hafeem while they are True Immortals, and it appears that the two kinds of beings do not necessarily get along. The Immortal Illuminati, furthermore, are in his opinion dangerous, and if they’re not his outright enemies they are certainly a threatening presence.

But we soon discovered that the facts were otherwise: There is likely no connection between Google and the Immortal Illuminati. Most likely “The Servant” was simply investigating the locale because its ventilation shafts, like the one pictured here in closeup, were reminiscent of ones they themselves used elsewhere.

When Flyss discovered that the security guards who very lightly protected these vents also worked across the street at Geo Eye (the largest non-state-owned operator of “eye in the sky” satellites), Oxadrenals jumped to his conclusions, while Stephen and I did further research.

We can now reveal the actual connection between the two. It is not at all what Oxadrenals feared. This is not to say that it is entirely benign.

(Continued in the next post) — Glenn

The missing fact

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

To continue.

Less than a week ago (is that all it is?), Oxadrenals expressed serious concern, even fear when we discovered that the cones he had expressed interest in were in some manner entangled with a set of giant radio dishes, and, still worse, with the vast and often frightening corporation known by the child-like name of Google. As he wrote,

“if ‘Antipollus’ and crew are in league with Google and a company that watches us from the sky, I’m really in trouble.”

To his credit, his first act upon hearing about this was to express regret that he had exposed Flyss and Strattera to danger. However, we shortly came into possession of certain information that demonstrated his fears were unfounded.

To recap briefly, a man we nickname The Servant, who is in the employ of a group of Immortal Illuminati called the Blue&Blacks, had been discovered by Flyss’ GPS tracker to have visited this place:

Oxadrenals knew this as well, for his own servant, the Bounty Hunter, had placed a separate GPS tracker in the Servant’s car. But, as it happened, the Bounty Hunter was shortly thereafter engaged elsewhere, and did not have time to follow up on the discovery. To make a long story short, Oxadrenals asked Flyss and Strattera to take a look.

He expected to find an empty facility, as the Immortal Illuminati had recently abandoned many facilities in the Midwest/Mountain States area. But to his surprise and horror, Flyss reported the involvement of a currently active organization that, to make matters worse, included the Google corporation. It was at this point, however, that we discovered a certain fact or set of facts, that cast the situation in a different light. (continued in the next post) — Glenn

Repaying a Certain Gentleman

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I can assure you, it is rare that I cannot focus my whole being on conspiracy theories. However, I am currently so much under the influence of recent events that I find it difficult to compose this post, which turns on them. For, as you know, we have recently proven beyond reasonable doubt that the man we call “Oxadrenals” has not aged visibly in a 100 years, a man whom two of our members (Strattera and Flyss) have actually seen in the flesh, and with whom we (and some readers of this blog) have conversed. This is no doubt the most exciting, and gratifying experience of my life.

However, the honorable gentleman in question is waiting to hear back from me on a certain detail, and I feel a strong obligation to satisfy him.

No, I did not express that quite correctly.  What I feel is something more than the mere obligation to reciprocate when one has made a bargain and the other side has delivered. What we just went through was never intended as a strong-arm negotiating tactic. True, we wanted something from him, but many good humored emails were exchanged behind the scenes, and our sense of affection and friendship for this man is genuine.

Therefore, I will now commence filling him in. (Continued in the next post.) — Glenn

More on HAARP near DIA

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Still waiting to complete  the photograph check of  Oxadrenal’s claim that he is a Hafeem, and we are also still holding back a certain crucial fact about Flyss’ observations of the ventilation cones and dishes in the area Oxadrenals sent her to explore. (The reason we’re holding it back is that it’s our leverage for causing him to allow us to verify his age.)

While we’re waiting, I’ve been discussing some hanging threads. In my last post, I revealed that some (though not all) of Flyss’ photographs were taken in Denver, and may bear some relation to the famous allegations of underground tunnels in Denver International Airport and its surroundings.

In that post, I showed a photograph of a peculiar object near DIA that may be related to the HAARP project. Here’s another view:

The significance of these installations near the dishes and cones will become clear when we reveal the fact we’re currently withholding. — Glenn

Time to reveal the location

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

It will be another day or so before the photograph is arranged to verify Oxadrenal’s claim that he is a Hafeem. In the mean time, we are  holding back a certain crucial fact about Flyss’ observations of the ventilation cones and dishes in the area Oxadrenals sent her to explore.

However, we do feel that at this time it is appropriate to reveal the true location of those cones and dishes. They are in Denver, Colorado. (If you have following this blog closely, you will note that up until now we have intimated that they are in Oklahoma.  However, you will have also noted that we use a certain amount of geographic and other deception. Note further that not all our supposed “Oklahoma” sites are in Denver, nor in Colorado. They range over a several state area.)

Denver is of particular interest for those of us interested in classical conspiracy theory thinking, as good evidence indicates that Denver and its environs embody numerous large secret installations, some above ground and some buried deep below. The Strategic Air Command base dug far below Cheyenne Mountain is not a secret at all. More controversial is the existence of vast underground caverns at the former Rocky Mountain Arsenal, currently the site of Denver International Airport. The theories about underground worlds at DIA range from the modest to the absurd, with every stage between.

But there is no doubt that much more than meets the eye is going on in Denver. Over the last several months, Flyss has collected provocative photographs from many parts of the city and its surroundings, of objects, sightings and installations. We shall be displaying them from time to time, and discussing what they imply.  This post is already overlong, and so I will simply close with one of her photos, an object sighted atop what appears to be otherwise an entirely innocuous building:

Signalling Device, Illuminati Immortals

No one admits to knowing what it is. But we have heard these letters whispered privately: “HAARP.” — Glenn

Hanging Thread: Uniforms

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

We’ve already viewed the museum photograph. Now, we’re setting up the photo session to verify Oxadrenal’s claim to be a Hafeem.

This is an exciting prospect. But it will take a few days.  In the meantime, I’d like to take the chance to return to some hanging threads.

I’m thinking especially of this post on the various uniforms supposedly worn by different branches of the secret society of True Immortals. It’s always hard to tell how much Laughing One / Oxadrenals is simply amusing himself, and no way at all to know how much of what he says is deliberate misdirection. But there’s a ring of truth to this.  It is a well documented fact that secret societies even of the most mundane kind frequently wear emblematic clothing. The Freemasons (and, yes, I consider them a merely mundane secret society) use rings, scarves, sashes, monograms and other such symbols even in public; in private among the various ranks there are forms of pretty outlandish clothing.

But it’s that judgment of “outlandish” I want to question here — to “interrogate,” as the post-modernists would say.  Clothing that to the modern jaded eye looks silly, like something out of  a comic book , would not have seemed so farfetched even a couple of generations ago. My goodness, wigs were only abolished in the British judiciary in 2008.

Think also of the “liveried” servant. That word, “livery,” is itself outmoded. I would imagine there are a thousand reasons why current tastes in clothing tend toward the simple, but one must be a playing down of class distinctions. In any case, our Immortal Illuminati would not be bound to current tastes. They might not even be aware of current tastes. For all we know, they recollect as if it were yesterday the fineries of the Chinese, the Byzantine, the French, the Russian Court.

Therefore, I find it highly believable, and even strangely appealing, that these archaic people still indulge in what we would think of as an archaic custom. And, as Oxadrenals notes at the conclusion of his post, “when you see them in action they don’t look so silly.”  I can well believe that. The grandeur of an immortal who (unlike Oxadrenals) chooses to express grandeur, must be immense.

One final thing: Oxadrenals says there are 12 or 13 members. That rings a bell. — Glenn

So, what were you expecting?

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

So, what were you expecting? – Glenn

A world riddled with underground tunnels

Friday, June 4th, 2010

As Strattera no doubt knows, the idea that the world is riddled with underground tunnels is a staple of conspiracy theories. (See, for example, this site, or this one.) And it’s important to remember that not only was there an underground passage, Flyss’s observations together with evidence compiled by Stephen suggests that there was an underground dwelling stocked with provisions on the spot, and an aged man living there. Underground dwellings are another such staple. My conspiracy theory leanings are, for good or ill, becoming stronger with each revelation in this case.

Kate has convincingly hypothesized that the man was a Hafeem, as it is difficult to imagine any other reason why someone of his apparent age would live in such a way.

But that begs the question on why the Bounty Hunter kidnapped him. Furthermore, given the apparent connections between the BH and Laughing One, one naturally wants to ask the latter for an explanation.

But I suspect that the actual reason he sent Flyss back to the farmhouse is that he wants us to deduce the answer to that. —  Glenn

[Addendum: In the comments section to this post, Laughing One seems to be stating:  "Bingo!"]

Supplements for life extension

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

It’s exciting how active our readership has become! Yet another good question has come my way.

Reader “Iamhealthyever” asks, “What does your research tell you are the best supplements for extending life, health and strengthening immunity?”

It’s true this is something I’ve researched extensively. I am particularly persuaded that a combination of Rodiola rosea, Andrographis paniculata and common marigold will do more than anything else to slow the aging process. I also Chi kung exercises of the western school. But here is not the place for a long discussion on the practicalities of life extension. I’ll email you separately — Glenn

A reader asks

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

A reader asks, “Why is the Bounty Hunter chasing the Aussie?”

I hesitate to write anything now that Laughing One is listening in, since he probably knows the precise answer to things I can just guess about. Still, here’s what we think:

The Bounty Hunter is a on a mission to find True Immortals and Hafeems. We think it was an aged Hafeem he pulled out of that shed with the odd green light above it.

Presumably, he wants to find the Aussie too. We don’t know exactly why he does this, but I could hazard a guess: he and I are about the same age, and given how I feel I would venture to guess that he too is driven by a probably vain hope to gain the secret of immortality via contact with Immortals. Kate originally intuited his existence on just such a basis.

He has considerable skills developed over a lifetime of involvement in organizations such as Army Special Forces, and so we planned to piggy back on his efforts, shadow him as he finds the people we want to find. But it’s all worked out more complicatedly than we expected. The number of wheels within wheels, plots within plots, is mind boggling.

Any comments, Laughing One? Am I at all close? — Glenn

P.S. I’ve thought for a while that we should change his name from Bounty Hunter to “Immortal Hunter,” but that involves a lot of work, going back into old posts.

A confession

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

This is not at all apropos of the latest (and very exciting!) news on our site. But its something I’ve been needing to confess for a while, and it won’t wait. Sorry!

The idea that true immortals live in the world naturally fascinates me; after all, I’ve had a  life long obsession with conspiracy theories, and what greater conspiracy could there be than one involving Immortals? This is the obvious motivation for my participation in this project and this website, and it’s the one I endorse.

Except it’s not my real motivation at all. I’ve been deceiving myself.

The fact is, I’m very sick. I have what they call brittle diabetes. That means it’s hard to keep my blood sugar under control, even with nine kinds of medication. I’ve had it since I was little, and it’s taken its toll. At the bottom of my mind there’s a hope that if we make contact with immortals we’ll discover some way not to die.

This makes no rational sense. They probably have no idea why they don’t get old. But I can’t keep from hoping they do know, and that I can learn something from them. Self deception again!

In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can think of to stay well. I work with an endocrinologist, a cardiologist and a renal specialist, and I also see a holistic doctor and use supplements. I exercise. I read like it was the Bible. Because I do all this, I’ve held up longer than my specialists expected.  But now I’m starting to go downhill.

I do believe that a time will come when we learn how to overcome disease and death and stay healthy forever. But now I’m afraid I’ll die before it happens. – Glenn

Full Recap on Laughing One

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Totally out of the blue, the mysterious person we’ve nicknamed “Laughing One” got in contact with us. Kate has already highlighted a few posts that illustrate his sense of humor. This is a full recap of our history with him.

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but the story is a bit complicated. I have to begin by backing up a ways. In late 2009, I had discovered a message hidden in the bitmap of a publicly available archival photo of Abraham Lincoln, stating: “3rd of the blue&black, meet at 0303etc. Antipollus.” This message was the beginning of our entire process of discovery, leading the discovery of what now appears to be a group of Immortals and their servants who call themselves “the blue&blacks.” This is a formidable secret society that takes itself very seriously, has considerable forces at its disposal, and may have historically played some of the roles incorrectly attributed by conspiracy theorists to the Illuminati.

Therefore, when we later found another message in a photo that parodies that one, we were astounded. It seemed impossible that someone could know of these hidden immortals, and yet mock them. Here is the text: “Firth of the Fist: meet at Froth of the Foot. Ox Adrenals.” Having considerable experience with anagrams, I immediately recognized “Ox Adrenals” as an anagram of the actual name we have been deliberately miswriting as “Antipollus,” and the remainder is clearly a joke. At first, we thought perhaps it was a joke one of us was playing on the the other, as we could not imagine anyone taking such an attitude toward this subject.  But the message turned out to be real.

Based on what she saw as a remarkable sense of humor, Kate nicknamed the author of this message, “Laughing One.”


Recap on Laughing One

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Having recently been contacted by Laughing One, I will recap his history. But it’s rather long and complex, and will take some time to assemble. The link in the first sentence of this post, however, will take you to the relevant posts (though in reverse chronological order.) — Glenn

[NOTE: The post initially went up without the link in the first sentence. Sorry!]

More on the message, and the symbol, and their connection.

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Some interesting new ideas both on that message and the blue&black symbol .

As you may recall, there are two theories, one pointing to Santa Clara County in California (as the “province” of the city that is sister city to Izumo) and the other pointing directly at Japan.

During her meeting with Flyss, the Eldest said, “Both friends and not friends live where the trees are cold, and old and soft and high.” That would certainly fit with the Santa Clara theory, as redwood trees are all of these, and they abound in that part of California.

On the other hand, the accumulation of Japanese motifs is considerable. As our reader Merlin pointed out, the symbol bears a clear resemblance to a Japanese hanging gong. More recently, another reader directed out attention to the Japanese religious structure called a Torii. Here is a famous example:

A Torii is placed at the entrance to Shinto shrines, and marks the transition from secular to sacred space. The similarity between a Torii and the blue&black symbol is clearer when one looks at a simple version, such as this one:

If you simply move down the second bar, or “tiepiece,” and put a gong in the middle of it, you have the shape of the symbol almost exactly:

Secret Society of Immortals

I find this all quite suggestive. Perhaps we can combine these two linkages into one: that an order or secret society of True Immortals called the “blue&blacks” migrated from Izumo, Japan to the vicinity of Santa Clara, California, bringing with them a symbol that combines the sacred Torii with a Japanese hanging gong.

Furthermore, it is perhaps not unrelated that Izumo has one of Japan’s most ancient Shinto shrines, supposedly built at the dawn of time by Ōkuninushi, when Japan was ruled from Izumo. What if Ōkuninushi was an Immortal? He would naturally be thought of as a god. And what if Ōkuninushi later left Japan for the New World, landing in California, and founded some habitation there, now calling himself Antipollus? [Note: It appears that the actual Immortal involved is a as a woman named Sollaya/Soraya. See the comments to this post, as well as full posts that will follow soon.] Perhaps the most recent migration from Oklahoma to California is a joining or linking up of two groups, those living underground in Oklahoma having a different origin, but linking up with Antipollus’ group? One can easily imagine that a dense redwood forest would be an ideal place to hide out from prying eyes. – Glenn

Fascinating infrastructure

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Amazing information in your last eight posts, Flyss! It boggles the mind to think what infrastructure they have to be able to field so many agents in public, and not be observed. They must have fingers into every level of government, from the city on up, as well as controlling the media and probably the street gangs too.

I notice in a comment where you say you think this “Yahahnna” knows about our blog. I also assume that’s what she means by “your world that is not in the world.” Probably, she has access to the NSA, and all those levels of government.

On another note, have you followed the thread that leads to Japan? Inspired by our reader Merlin, I found numerous examples of Japanese gongs online that look much like our symbol, such as this one:

The difference here, though, is that this gong, like all others I’ve found, is held from above only, whereas in the symbol it’s held from the side as well:

Secret Society of Immortals

If we could find a gong of this design, we might be well on our way to picking up a new trail. I wonder if you’d consider going to Izumo to see if you find any examples there. – Glenn

P.S. Or, if any readers are near Izumo, and can look for a gong that matches our “illuminati symbol,” that would be tremendously helpful.

How to vet one of us?

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

As the discussion in a set of post comments shows, it’s difficult to determine how to vet anyone. Kate, Flyss and I know each other in person, and I’ve worked with Flyss so long I trust her entirely. None of us have even met Stephen, but we’ve worked with him long enough to that there’s considerable trust.  However, how do we respond to a new person like Strattera who wishes to join us?  Do we tell her where we’re actually working? Do we let her meet one of us in the flesh? What if she works for some subset of Immortals who wishes us harm? Or if she works for another group seeking to monopolize access?  What possible test can we apply?

Stephen and I are doing a tremendous amount of background research on “Strattera.” The fact that she had sex change surgery is, to be sure, tremendously helpful. We have no doubt that she is 28 years old. So, if she is a Hafeem or True Immortal, she doesn’t know it yet.

But how do we know she doesn’t work for them? — Glenn

If I may make a suggestion.

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

If I may make a suggestion, what about focusing our attention on the person you call The Servant? The Bounty Hunter seems to be several steps removed from the people we’re looking for, whereas the Servant appears to work for them directly. You still have a tracker in his car, too, which suggests that despite how good a job he did kidnapping the BH, he’s not as careful on his own behalf. I would predict that he soon leaves the area, and that where he goes will be closely connected with that message.– Glenn

Please don’t start imagining

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Flyss, please don’t start imagining that you’re under some mysterious woman’s protection and so don’t need to take precautions! — Glenn

Sister city

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

An attempt to decipher the message: Izumo has a sister city in the US: Santa Clara, California.  The province of sister city might be the county it’s in.  So that would be Santa Clara county. Maybe the blue&black branch or subdivision of Immortals has relocated there. - Glenn

[Later note: Our reader Merlin has sent my mind in another direction.  See this comment by him.]


Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Thanks to Stephen and our reader Aaron, we’ve now translated the message embedded in the image Flyss found. It reads “Izumo shi,” or the city of Izumo.  The name itself means “city where the clouds come out.” It’s a moderately small city of about 150,000.

Perhaps of note, it contains one of the oldest shinto shrines in Japan, called Izumo Taisha. As early as 950, it was about 150 feet tall, according to records of the time, and might have been the tallest wooden structure in Japan.

The presence of that shrine intuitively strikes me as significant. One might naturally expect Immortals to attempt to manipulate religious traditions for their own ends.  But I don’t know if there are any East Asian versions of the Illuminati mythology.  There are certainly many tales of immortals.  This site describes mythologized incidents in which a person just happens to run across an immortal, or becomes an immortal. There are many more stories of this type in China. See, for example, this page.

There’s a lot to work with here.  We also still need to put the city of Izumo together with the phrase “My sister’s province.” — Glenn

P.S. I’m adding this subject to a new category called “Messages.”

Calligraphy drawn in

Friday, May 14th, 2010

It certainly does look calligraphic, but I don’t recognize the script. I’ve traced it below. These symbols must represent words in an Illuminati language. I’ll look through my books. –Glenn

Two organizational hierarchies

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Great work! This potentially ties together several loose ends, and lets us draw the beginnings of two organizational hierarchies.

The Laughing One” is obviously no friend of Antipollus, considering the message he left in that third photo. Just as certainly, “The Servant” works for the blue&blacks, and is accepted as a messenger at those various facilities in the “off the map” area. However, the Bounty Hunter put a GPS tracker in The Servant’s car. Considering the first photo message, the blue&blacks follow the instructions of Antipollus. [Editor’s note: We now know that they are actually servants of Soraya, and that Soraya works closely with Antipollus/Alexandros.] Hence, it is reasonable to guess that the Bounty Hunter is a servant of Laughing One, and that there is antagonism between the Laughing One/BH and Antipollus/Blue&black/Servant axis.

As far as a possible migration goes, I’m looking for direct evidence of that.  Of course, part of the value of being off the map would have been to allow such a migration to occur in secret. Where would they have gone? — Glenn

The evidence of a reader

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I understand your skepticism about seeing symbols everywhere. However, I’m fairly impressed with the the Illuminati symbol on that Florentine cloth. It doesn’t look at all imaginary to me. And there’s also the evidence of our reader, Strattera, who sent us that image of the pot shard he found during the first Gulf War. I quote from his comment on Stephen’s April 25th posting:

“I know that symbol. And I don’t know how you guys know about it.

It’s on an object I found in the sand while serving in the first Gulf War. This was when we came to a stop and weren’t OK’d to move on Baghdad. We were stuck in place for months, and had to dig trenches, etc., where lots of us found pot shards. We had archaeologists on staff to make sure we didn’t bring home any important antiquities. My particular souvenir was supposedly just junk, only three or four hundred years old, and the symbol drawn on it according to the archaelogist didn’t mean anything. Just something the potter had doodled on the pot. I had it checked by someone at the British museum later, and he’d never seen it either.”

He sent me an image of the pot itself, and I’d have to say, it looks exactly like the symbol to me. Flyss?  Kate? (Sorry, can’t post it here.) — Glenn

Great Point!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Kate has a great point. In a previous post, I suggested that we might comb photos for occurrences of the pi and disc symbol. But why am I stuck on photos?  What about objects in museums, like clothing or jewelry? It’s certainly possible that an object marked with that secret symbol might have survived physically. Or what about architecture?  Could it be built into the form of any building? Into a fresco? Has it been talked about or even drawn in occult literature?

A lot of good directions to go. — Glenn

Conventions of the Site

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Perhaps this is a good time to mention again one of the basic conventions of this site: We take it as a given that one day the objects of our investigation will discover that we are investigating them. Everything we post here takes this in mind. In particular, it is our opinion that people who do not age are likely to be particularly cautious about many things, and especially about unwanted identification.

Therefore, we never show their faces, even when we do possess images; in some cases, we show incorrect images. We also hide or disguise various other important details.  For example, the area of Oklahoma we describe as “off the map” is not necessarily in Oklahoma. Also, some of the photos we use are designed to slightly misdirect. Finally, we never disclose actual names. All the names posted here are pseudonyms. Our overall hope is that when actual Immortals find this site, they will realize that we have taken pains not to put them in danger. — Glenn, Kate, Flyss and Stephen

In case you’re wondering

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

In case you’re wondering, we’ve of course attempted to identify Flyss’ “unknown third party.” However, it appears that the car is registered to someone who’s currently living in London (and has been seen there.) As for whom the actual person driving the car is, we have no idea.  We’ve considered setting up a situation where a policeman would stop the person and demand ID, while we had the policeman bugged.  However, this all seems too risky, as we have no idea to what extent the police in that area under the control of the Illuminati. –Glenn


Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

P.S. We’re also going to check with some of the other folks out there investigating immortals, such as Ben Abba, to see if they’ve run across the same symbol. — Glenn

What does it mean — and how much of it can be trusted?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I’ve been musing on the meaning of the Illuminati symbols Stephen found. Their colors certainly suggest a relationship to the expression “blue&black,” found in the hex code of that archival Lincoln photo. However, we have to keep in mind that the symbols were found in encrypted messages left us by someone with a whimsical sense of humor, and who himself said that only half of what he’d given us is true.*

Also, these symbols are obviously Photoshopped, as Stephen notes. They don’t show real glass. So what are they? Perhaps The Laughing Ones attempt to render something he’s seen or heard about.  One can easily believe that a secret society might have a token like this, used for recognition purposes in ceremonies. The shape, reminiscent of a pi symbol with a disc in the middle, is certainly iconic. I’ve found myself scribbling it compulsively.

The original possesses additional other details, especially visible in the least Photoshopped version:

Immortal Illuminati Icon

The central disk is metal, while the frame or container is of rough-hewn wood. The Masons use a similar emblem. Notice also the faint cross visible on the back of the disk, reminiscent of standard Rosicrucian symbologism. Finally, the wood “frame” is assymetrical, the left leg thicker than the right, and with its notch set lower down. This suggests two suborders within the whole.  Thus, the blue and the black portions of the design may represent the classic Egyptian unequal partners of Night and Water.

In other words, it is not at all certain that this design has anything to do with the third ranked member of a group called the blue&black as referenced in the Lincoln photo’s hex code. (“3rd of the blue&black.”) Moreover, it is certainly not the case that the woman in a black dress with blue trim I glimpsed at Antietam wore this symbol visibly on her; nor did she have it on (despite again wearing blue and black) when Flyss caught caught her on camera in the tunnel.

Nonetheless, we are looking for photographs of people wearing what looks like embroidery, amulets or jewelery in this “pi and disc” shape.  We would expect to find this perhaps on crowd photographs taken in the 19th century, when photography was still so new that perhaps the Illuminati did not yet realize the risk. If we can find such a person, then we will have evidence that the “pi and disc” symbol is real.  More than that, we will then have a face to look for in the present.  –Glenn

* Hopefully, when it comes to Photoshopped symbols, the Laughing One used up his sense of humor with this:

If you click on it to enlarge it, and then rotate it 90 degrees to the right, you’ll see that there’s a cell phone tower in the “glass.”

I suspect you’re right.

Monday, April 26th, 2010

I had the same thought. However, this obviously relevant symbol doesn’t appear anywhere on that particular woman’s clothes. There are other wrinkles too. Let me think about it a bit. — Glenn

Questions, thoughts

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

(Continuing my last post.) So much for background. Here are the questions: Whose side is the Laughing One on?  I have the same question about the Bounty Hunter. There’s obviously some connection between them, though whether they’re enemies, allies or acquaintances don’t know.

My guess is that there are several groups of Immortals, as well as various mortals besides us who are interested in them.  (See, for example, this external post.) It also dawns on me that there may be no easy way for one non-mortal to recognize another.  They may need to track each other down the same way we’re doing.

Much to think about. — Glenn

Putting things together

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

I’ve been thinking back, and trying to put things together.

I summarized some of the story a while back in this post. But there are other parts I left out, and that have been left out of this blog for a while.

For one, consider that that whole episode of the dish Flyss found while trailing the Bounty Hunter.  He traveled 300 miles to park nearby it for only an hour. When she parked in the same area (after he’d gone) she was warned off in a bizarre way: She heard sounds of helicopters approaching, and naturally thought of black helicopters. But when she got out of the car to look, it turned out they were coming from two boom boxes.  It’s so strange a joke that we recognize the signature of the person we call the Laughing One, a person who knows about immortals and mocks them. It’s still a warning.  Encrypted in the MP3 files, and also written on a piece of paper, he left messages telling her in no uncertain terms to stay away.

Of note, the dish isn’t visible on Google Earth, nor are a series of chemical factories in the area, including this one. It seems that Flyss was supposed to stay out of the whole area, but she took things literally, and only avoided the area of the dish. No one stopped her exploring anywhere else, and near that factory she came across a complex series of freeway overpasses in the middle of nowhere, with a tunnel beneath them.  This was the place where her camera sighted the non-mortal Stephen verified.  I’ve discussed that already.  But I’m wondering about now is why she was warned off from the Dish but not from the rest of the secret area.  And why was the Bounty Hunter snooping around all  those places?  (To be precise, in the case of the tunnel, all we know is that he’d placed a GPS tracker in the car of someone who later led Flyss to the tunnel.)

So much for background.  My thoughts on all this in the next post.

– Glenn

It’s not that. Well, not _just_ that.

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

I will admit it’s rather nice to get Stephen’s verification of my visual memory. But that’s not all I’ve been up to. More soon. — Glenn

The same two people

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

A little history before I get to the blockbuster of Flyss’s post.

Just over a year ago, I saw two people meet on Antietam National Battlefield. One of them I recognized from photos in the crowd at the Kennedy assassination.  In the intervening 45 years, he hadn’t aged at all. That was our first discovery, the one that got this all started.

But I didn’t get a photograph of them. In order to get evidence that would hold up, Flyss and I undertook a long search, described in the fixed page titled the “First Proof.”  Eventually, we found incontrovertible proof of a another person who doesn’t age. We followed his trail from 1963 to 1995, with photos enough to prove matters even to a skeptic like Stephen. But then we lost track of him again.

Kate, however, hypothesized that there might be other people tracking him. Sure enough, we discovered that a former CIA agent we’ve nicknamed the Bounty Hunter was on his trail. It proved much easier to track him than track the Aussie himself.

The BH led Flyss on an interesting chase. I won’t recount all the details here, except to mention that he apparently kidnapped an old man who was living underground way out in the country. This led us to the notion of Hafeems (people who age, just very slowly), but lost us our GPS tracker in the BH’s car.

The BH, however, had placed a GPS tracker in someone else’s car.  Flyss managed to discover that car, and plant her own tracker, which led her to another, very different underground tunnel. Quite sensibly, she didn’t stick around to study the place.  But she inserted a remote camera. And, a few days later, it transmitted this photo of two people meeting near the mouth of the tunnel (and quite out in the middle of nowhere.)

It’s the same two people I saw at Antietam, after I read a message written by Antipollus and addressed to ” 3rd of the blue&black.“  One, at least, has to be at least in his seventies, considering his age back at the Kennedy assassination. But he looks like a young man of 25. The woman on both occasions wore a black dress with blue trim. — Glenn


Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

In my excitement, I’d forgotten that Flyss planted a camera down in the tunnels. The image she just now sent me trumps everything.  – Glenn


Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

To continue. I’ve discussed the tunnels. What about the factories Flyss shows us here and also here?

As Stephen points out, this entire area is off the map. When you try to view it on Google Earth, you’re shown nothing but farmland, a tiny town and a river.  Railroad maps show no tracks nearby.  But Flyss’ photos clearly show a railroad bridge entering the factory.

To hide something like this speaks of a significant conspiracy.  Which begs the question: what are they making at those factories? Somehow I think it isn’t just petroleum.

It’s too bad we can’t go back there to check.  But I agree with Stephen that it isn’t safe. — Glenn


Monday, April 12th, 2010

As I mentioned, underground tunnels are a staple of conspiracy literature.  Examples include a whole genre of underground tunnel theories involving Denver International Airport.  See, for example, this thread on abovetopsecret and this youtube video. But it’s never made sense to me that the government (or anyone else) would build underground in such a public spot as an airport. True, DIA is next to Rocky Mountain Arsenal, which would seem to make it convenient for the government, but the arsenal happens to be a Superfund site, and it’s under much too much scrutiny for secret construction.

If one wished to create underground passages, wouldn’t one at least put the entrances in out of the way spots? And placing them near interstates only makes sense, like ports on a river. So, what better place to choose than a complicated overpass/underpass complex in the middle of nowhere? In fact, it seems to me I’ve run across quite a few overpasses that seem more convoluted than necessary.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more are “haunted,” so to speak, by more than meets the eye.  – Glenn

[NOTE: In a comment to this post, a leading spiritual figure in the “hollow earth” tradition suggests an alternative interpretation.]


Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Flyss, you’ve hit the jackpot.

I had been baffled by repeated references in the material we’ve been studying to f-tunnels. Underground tunnels, of course, figure extensively in conspiracy literature, but the “f” made no sense until your recent photos. It’s obvious now that the letter stands for “freeway.”  I suspect now that at least some portion of the US freeway system is accompanied by underground passages.

I have particular suspicions about the set you stumbled on, off the map and behind some kind of equally secret factory. But it will take me a while to gather the information, both on the freeway tunnels and the secret factory.  Back soon.  – Glenn

Now that’s a wrinkle to meditate on

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Now that’s a wrinkle to meditate on.

All in all, though, I’m not too concerned. If you think about how we go about things, the only one of us who could do any real mischief is Flyss. She’s our eyes and ears. But I do know her in person, and I have no doubts about her.

Stephen could do is mislead us by his reasoning. But he and I mostly argue anyway. And Kate’s contributions are mostly intuitive and inspirational. She suggests ideas but doesn’t control anything.

So I don’t really see a problem. — Glenn

Surviving into the present

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

I’ve been trying to work out how a recent historical figure such as FDR could survive into the present as a Hafeem.  It’s especially difficult to imagine for one who’s childhood is so well attested to.

However, it bears considering what one would have to do to survive as either a Hafeem or a (for lack of a better word) an absolute immortal living in recent society. Unless one were to live out one’s  life forever underground, one would have no choice but to play complicated identity games.  And since person in hiding needs to obtain supplies, etc., an Immortal attempting it would always stand in danger of being found out.  It might actually be safer to hide in plain sight by passing oneself off as an ordinary person.

Still, to live in public would require a mind boggling set of tricks.  Would one, perhaps, register a social security number for a person who doesn’t really exist, create a trail of attendance at schools (though without photos), and then step into that person’s shoes when their age of record matched up with one’s apparent age? One would have to create whole batches of such people, so that one could switch from one to the other when one was no longer believably the right age for the person one was supposed to be, as well as to have spare identities for use when something went wrong.

This wouldn’t be possible at all post-Internet, I don’t think, but up until recently, it might very well have been.

Then too, one might use disguises, not only to stretch the period of plausible matchup with a normally aging person, but also what about disguising oneself to look plausibly like the relative of someone? Or, like that person themselves?

One might use body doubles.  One might set up situations in which one would have a plausible reason for never quite showing oneself in public.

For example, suppose one  were a crippled President who didn’t want to be seen as physically weak, and who had no lovers nor intimate friends, nor ever appeared naked even to servants or (perhaps) doctors?

This would work even better if a small group of Hafeems or absolute immortals were to help each other out, do-se-do-ing through history, serving as each other’s alibi.

What about that contemporary of FDR, so famously hypothesized to be an Illuminatus: Winston Churchill? — Glenn

(Thread continued in this post.)

The mind whirls

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

At that news, my mind whirls.  FDR? You might not have known this, Flyss, but he’s famously one of the Illuminati.

I can hardly tear my mind away from speculation on that theme to to finish my own thread. But I shall force myself.

Here’s what I think a Hafeem is: The words “a a age ages but does hafeem is person slowly very very who” are an alphabetization of “A Hafeem is a person who does age, but ages very, very slowly.”

Stephen, in a previous post you mentioned the hypothesis of the “aging clock.”  We’ve all been focusing on one the possibilities you mentioned, that it could be turned off.  But you also note that it could simply be slowed down. Wouldn’t that lead to a person who does age, just very, very slowly?  – Glenn

(general thread continued in this post. Specific FDR thread continued in this post.)

It just struck me

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Something just struck me.

Stephen, have you noticed the repetition of the word “hafeem” in our encoded messages? And did you find this text: “a a age ages but does hafeem is person slowly very very who.”

It just might explain the old man. — Glenn

I’ll bite

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

I’ll bite on your other news.  Not because I have any need to forget your “screwup,” as you call it: my own many errors encrust my eyes like cataracts, and I can’t see any fault in you.

But us old paranoid conspiracy theory types are a wee bit more than slightly given to curiosity. If whatever news you have is stranger than the story you’ve already told — the BH kidnapping an old man who lives underground — I will have to stay up all night waiting for your post.  –  Glenn

One needs the background to interpret it

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

We’re looking at the same material, true, but I’m more tuned in about what to look for. For example, it’s immediately obvious to me that “AJ & AL = CBs” means “Because Andrew Johnson instead of Abraham Lincoln conducted Reconstruction the result was carpetbaggers (eg., bitter friction.) Here, the “&” symbol doesn’t mean “and” as it usually does, but rather is meant to look like a knot, which is a pun for “not.”

Similarly, the little video clip below of an opening eye against large mountains is clearly meant to be read as “Great Awakening.”  It was by putting together such veiled communications that I assembled the various details of my interpretive post. — Glenn

Still, one can get a gist

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Despite the difficulties, one can get a gist. Here’s a few choice details I’ve managed to extract from the material so far.

By the 1820s, the Immortal Illuminati had decided establish American world hegemony.  Europe had become too dangerous for them. , with its incessant wars, and also the tightening noose of its post-Napoleonic security structure.  They saw America as a safe haven. In one ringing phrase, it’s described as, “a whole country playing the role of Acropolis.”

But the way they set about achieving this was truly Machiavellian. For example, it appears that they were of two minds about Lincoln’s assassination, but ultimately allowed it to happen because (a) they calculated that without Lincoln, Reconstruction would fail; (b) given a failed Reconstruction, America wouldn’t achieve industrial dominance the early 20th century; (c) by then, Japan would have humiliated Russia in an Asian war; (d) this, together with other steps, would set in motion the Bolshevik Revolution; in turn, this would would (e) lead to a great power rivalry that would (f) marginalize Western Europe, as originally desired.

Though all of this did come to pass, the Immortal Illuminati did not always make the right decisions along the way. For example, in order to manage world events, they identified pressure points of the evolving world system and spent enormous effort controlling them. Some of these were obviously correct (media, banking, communications), but others in hindsight make no sense at all. For example, they spent decades bringing South Africa under their heel in the mistaken belief that it would be a choke point for European/Asian trade.

Another problem they encountered involved managing the great secular jihads of the 20th century that they themselves set in motion — Communism and Nazism.  They repeatedly found events spinning out of their control.

Other interesting points revealed in this material show that some of the goals of the actual Illuminati run counter to conventional conspiracy theory analysis. For example, we now know that they nurtured the rise of Evangelical Christianity in the United States rather than resisted it.  Why? Because they correctly foresaw it as a force for the social cohesion and militarism they wished to inculcate in American society. — Glenn

Perhaps they wanted to lose the Colonies?

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Perhaps they wanted to lose the Colonies. (That was a joke.)

I still think immense time and wealth would make up for limitations in talent.– Glenn

With unlimited wealth and time

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Why do I think they must have intended it? Because, with unlimited wealth and time, it seems only likely that influence would grow exponentially. Bear with me on this while I explain what I have in mind.

On the obvious level, there would be time and resources to increase one’s penetration and control of all instruments of social power. Imagine the very same Immortal exercising powers of persuasion on not on the parents, but the children and grandchildren in all important political and aristocratic families.

Beyond that, the steadily growing understanding of human nature would allow such Immortal Illuminati to manipulate circumstances in such a way that entire classes of people would possess shared self-interested motivations, and thus could be counted upon to seek the desired goals without any external manipulation.

After all, this is how ordinary politicians work.  To give an example from the Democratic party, when health care reform creates a class of people beholden to the government for health care, those people can be reliably counted on to maintain the power of the government so as to maintain their health care coverage. Or, when Republican administrations foster an ideology that is conducive to increased military spending, future military contractors, military families and the military establishment itself will naturally vote Republican.

And that’s looking only one move ahead.  A truly sophisticated manipulator of populaces might bait group A to take a position against group B so as to split Group A from Group B; an even more sophisticated one might give power to Group A while subtly leading it to overreach itself, in order to create a subsequent backlash.  History tells us of great political leaders who have done all this and more.  Think of the even greater capacities of a person who has lived a thousand years — Glenn

Health Care Reform

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Health care reform just passed.  The conspiracy theory world sees this as a stage on the way to the New World Order.  Does our new understanding that the Illuminati are Immortals help us understand this event better? How does health care reform serve their ends?  – Glenn

The True History of the Illuminati

Friday, March 19th, 2010

This material is a treasure trove.  I’ve only dipped into a few percent of what’s here, and already every idea I’ve had about conspiracies has been turned upside down.

The bottom line: What we theorists suspected has proved entirely true – and entirely false.

Where past conspiracy theorists imagined a cabal of Jewish bankers, there is instead something far more dangerous: a cabal of Immortals who have amassed incredible fortunes over their long lives (and who do not mind shifting suspicion onto Jews and others when it serves them.)  Where Elizabeth Clare Prophet and many others wrote of spiritually advanced beings living in tunnels honeycombing the earth, there is instead a hidden world of Immortals hiding underground: but they are not necessarily spiritually advanced at all.

These Illuminati — for that is actually what they call themselves– are immensely but far from absolutely powerful.  They have no special abilities other than the profound understanding of human psychology long life has given them. They have no mind control rays, but they are highly skilled at controlling us without them.

Here is a vital point: Among their many methods, they support false or partly false conspiracy theories to distract us from the real.  It is they who have kidnapped people and released them with the stigmata of alien abduction.  It is they who have terrorized people with black helicopters, a kind of theatre to distract us from their actual acts of manipulation. They planted the Majestic 12 papers and wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Illuminati have infiltrated the CIA, the NSA, FEMA, the Trilateral Commission, the mainstream media and every other organ of social power, and they use these powers both to accomplish their goals and to sow misinformation about their goals.  And they’re ruthless: They’ve not hesitated to cause certain people or groups of people to be blamed and victimized, even slaughtered when it serves their purposes. And yet, they mean us well.

This is the true history of the Illuminati.  I will be presenting it in the weeks and months ahead. – Glenn