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Guest Post: Analysis of the Illuminati Symbol

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Thank you for inviting me onto your site. I hope what I write here is helpful.

I was reflecting on the Illuminati blue&black symbol, pictured here:

The more I thought about it, the more I was reminded of certain characters in Kanji. (Kanji is one of the three types of Japanese writing.) Certain Kanji characters that look like the symbol also have meanings that relate to it.

For example, the Kanji pictured below means circle or ring:

It is different from the Illuminati symbol only in that the latter has a circle in the center, as this schematic drawing shows:

Perhaps the added circle is intended to emphasize the meaning  that the kanji already has.

This second Kanji also resembles an additional horizontal line near the top.  It’s meaning is circumference.

It is therefore a little remarkable that the Illuminati symbol also resembles pi, the constant used to compute the circumference of a circle!

This next Kanji is similar to the others, but lacks the middle vertical line. It means same/similar or together.

My final example has an additional horizontal line at the bottom.  It means solid, solidify or strength.

So, taken all together, these Kanji seem to bring together the concept of a circle and a sense of solidarity and strength.

And what is a circle? Consider the ouroboros, a symbol used by the alchemists.

Alchemists are remembered today for wanting to turn lead into gold.  But in reality their true goal was to achieve Immortality by means of the elixir of life or the philosopher’s stone. And the ouroboros represents the destruction of death by perpetual self sustenance and regeneration.

In other words, the Illuminati symbol carries the meaning of “a strong union of those devoted to immortality.” What better emblem could there be for a powerful secret society of Immortals? — JD

My ignorance is showing

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

I agree with Flyss that the key has to be in the other photos on Glenn’s Flikr page. Somehow, they must modify our understanding of “Info:Hiddenimmortals” and “Friended by my assistant Hafeem ObservingAll.” But I’m stumped.

The first one shows a pyramid titled “Illuminati Forum,” and has the subtitle “Welcome.”

Pyramids have always been regarded as symbols of the Illuminati. But I am not clear as to what we are meant to see here. My knowledge of conspiracy theory literature doesn’t come close to what Glenn knew.

The last photo shows a set of numbers, and is titled, “Phone Numbers Do it,” with no subtitle.

There are 10 digits shown, which is the proper length of a phone number. Again, I think that if I knew more than I do about conspiracy literature I would see a meaning. But I don’t.

There is one additional photo, of droplets on a metal surface.

The text here reads: “A drop of water lands. It rolls. The line of water extends.There are many extensions. Some are famous (like the one that went bust) Others we scarcely think about.”

I remain baffled. My ignorance is now showing, and so I’m hitting the books.

– HumanSpybot

Info: Hidden Immortals, and also …

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

I thank you all for the opportunity to post here.

As Glenn wrote months ago, anagram analysis is a matter of knowing what to look for. We wouldn’t be surprised to find the word “immortals” in these anagrams. Therefore, we can try subtracting those letters. (To be honest, I tried many other things. This is what worked.)

“No third dilemmas”  minus “immortals” becomes (putting the characters in alphabetical order) “eddihn.” Put “eddihn” into the Internet Anagram Server, and there is only one sensible output: “Hidden.” Since the original was, “Info: No third dilemmas,” we have, “Info: Hidden Immortals.”

That seems clear enough.

“Nameable grovel fish” and “a venerable films hog” are identical strings of letters. They don’t contain “immortals,” but they do contain “Hafeem.”  Removing those six letters, we get “abegiorsnllv.” This has over 2,000 anagrams, according to the Internet Anagram Server. To get anywhere, have to look to context. Here we have “friended by” next to “nameable grovel fish,” and “my assistant” next to “a venerable films hog.” Therefore, the remaining letters represent someone who befriended Glenn, and/or who became his assistant.

Considering how the blog heard about the changes to Glenn’s Flikr page, the rest should be obvious.

I’m still working on the two photos that don’t seem to have anagrams: the pyramid captioned “Illuminati Forum,” and the set of numbers captioned “phone numbers do it.” (thread continued in this post) — HumanSpybot