The Aussie / Blair

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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The Aussie (a special review post)

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

The person we code name “The Aussie” is probably not really an Australian. We call him that because we picked up his trail in Australia. As described in First Proof (which is worth reading for its additional detail), Flyss had been searching old missing person reports for signs of someone with extremely cautious life habits who suddenly took chances and then disappeared. What she found, eventually, was a young Australian man who drove off into the bush with no radio and without telling anyone about it, even though up until then he had been a person who never took risks.

He disappeared in Australia in 1967. With some look, she found him again in Germany, and tracked him further when he disappeared from Germany in 1979 and moved to Brazil next. She subsequently found evidence that he’d arrived in 1995 or 1996  in South Africa. Photographs taken along the way show that he does not age.

Unfortunately, his trail went cold after South Africa.  But, it was discovered that another man, whom we nickname the Bounty Hunter, was after him as well. We subsequently traced the Bounty Hunter, though, so far, the Bounty Hunter has not led us to the Aussie.

[LATE BREAKING: IT TURNS OUT THAT THE AUSSIE HAS BEEN HERE FOR ALMOST A YEAR. Also, the Bounty Hunter we have been following is a different man; this was a deliberate deception.  The Aussie (Blair) has  been crucial for Oxadrenal’s Immortality Project. He is described in some detail Narrative 1 of the chronicles of that project.

Kate’s a Genius

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

OK, I admit it. Kate’s a genius. (No news there.) It always pays to pay attention when she goes off psychobabbling, because there are pearls in the babble.

Not only does our “Immortal Aussie” have a guy following him, like she predicted, but that guy’s a sitting duck.  Unlike the Aussie, the Bounty Hunter (as I call him) doesn’t bother to change his name when he wanders around. He doesn’t make himself invisible. He rents cars under his own name, uses credit cards, all that.  Stephen’s digging online, and I’m snooping in person.  Hoping for great things soon. — Flyss


Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Glenn thinks immortality turns them into power-mad Illuminati. Stephen thinks that childhood trauma will make  them hate themselves. Personally, I think they all become total narcissists, like our Immortal Aussie.

That is, if they’re all as beautiful as he is. Beautiful, and forever.  – Flyss

Two kinds?

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I’m willing to believe that some Immortals might be members of secret societies, like Glenn is so sure of.  But this one we’re tracking now, it’s not possible.  The more I learn about him, the more he seems like some kind of Peter Pan.  He’s in it for himself, of himself and by himself. Maybe he’s a young immortal? — Flyss

To summarize where we’re at now

Friday, March 5th, 2010

To summarize where we’re at now:

We have strong proof of the existence of a person with an unnaturally long life span. “The Aussie,” as we’ve code named him, looks like a person in his 20s, but it is verifiably the case that his apearance has not changed for over forty years.  Of course, this does not in any way prove that he is immortal, but it is certainly suggestive.

We’ve traced him up to about fifteen years ago, but at that point the trail went cold.  However, we’ve recently discovered that another person, whom we code name “The Bounty Hunter” is also chasing him.  This fortuitous co-pursuer has proved easier to track.  We have great hopes that by covertly tracing him we’ll discover the current whereabouts of our possible immortal.  – Stephen

Actually, that’s almost what it felt like

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

That metaphor you didn’t intend — it was almost right. I was flying down the freeway, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Like one of those dreams where you’re running but you can’t move. Or, like you really are flying, flap-flap-flapping away, but you never leave the barn because your head’s in a noose.

I pity our friend the Aussie, to have someone like the BH chasing him. The old coot really hangs on. — Flyss

Getting tired of all the sordid stuff

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Glenn, I’d be more interested in your suggestions if you actually did something, occasionally, instead of promising and not doing it!

But, I guess what you say makes sense. It’s just that the Bounty Hunter was originally on the trail of the Aussie, and I’m sure he’ll lead us to him eventually. The Aussie is definitely a non-mortal. And, aside from being a narcissistic jerk, who takes “love ‘em and leave ‘em” to a breathtaking new level (he marries people, has children, then leaves them in about 10-15 years,, probably because that’s when his immortality begins to show), he’s incredibly perfect in some ways. If you just look at his photos, especially the one from 1958, you’ll see it. He has a radiance to him.

I’m getting tired of all the sordid detective stuff. I want to get nearer to that great beauty. — Flyss

P.S. I’m not being fair to Glenn. He’s a conspiracy nut, but he’s figured out lots of stuff.  Look at his posts.

PPS. I think seeing that woman did something to me. She had a feeling to her. It’s that feeling I want to get near.

A reader asks

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

A reader asks, “Why is the Bounty Hunter chasing the Aussie?”

I hesitate to write anything now that Laughing One is listening in, since he probably knows the precise answer to things I can just guess about. Still, here’s what we think:

The Bounty Hunter is a on a mission to find True Immortals and Hafeems. We think it was an aged Hafeem he pulled out of that shed with the odd green light above it.

Presumably, he wants to find the Aussie too. We don’t know exactly why he does this, but I could hazard a guess: he and I are about the same age, and given how I feel I would venture to guess that he too is driven by a probably vain hope to gain the secret of immortality via contact with Immortals. Kate originally intuited his existence on just such a basis.

He has considerable skills developed over a lifetime of involvement in organizations such as Army Special Forces, and so we planned to piggy back on his efforts, shadow him as he finds the people we want to find. But it’s all worked out more complicatedly than we expected. The number of wheels within wheels, plots within plots, is mind boggling.

Any comments, Laughing One? Am I at all close? — Glenn

P.S. I’ve thought for a while that we should change his name from Bounty Hunter to “Immortal Hunter,” but that involves a lot of work, going back into old posts.

We have been deceived, but justifiably so

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Yes, I do know. Let me explain.

First, a review. The first immortal for whose existence we had solid evidence is a man we have nicknamed “The Aussie.” What we know about him is summarized here.

Of note, though we lost the trail of the Aussie, we discovered a person who was following the Aussie too, the “Bounty Hunter.” We have nurtured hopes that by following him we would find the Aussie. In the process of observing the Bounty Hunter, we were contacted by Oxadrenals. After a number of interactions that are not directly relevant to the current topic, Oxadrenals provided special training to Flyss and Strattera. They were led to believe that the ultimate purpose of this training was to allow them to observe the BH as he closed in on the Aussie, and possibly also to covertly enter an underground world.

But then other adventures intervened.

Flyss and Strattera investigated the San Francisco War Memorial, and found a surveillance equipment in a secret room. this led to a gambit designed to flush out True Immortals in the SENS foundation, and also allowed us to observe the Blue&blacks in action.

In the past, we had used a number of very time intensive methods to search out immortals, only some of which succeeded.  But then I  discovered the method of tracking  ghost children identities. This powerful technique led to a series of discoveries. The first merely involved symbols on a beach in Santa Cruz, but next we we able to detect and observe the arrival of two True Immortals: first Speed Demon and then  the Molly.

In the midst of this, Oxadrenals published The Hafeem Saul, a fascinating biographical narrative.

These events kept us quite busy. So busy, that we all forgot for a time that Flyss and Strattera were supposedly in preparation for observing the Bounty Hunter close in on the Aussie.

It now appears that we have been somewhat deceived. But justifiably so! (Blockbuster revelations in my next several posts.) — Stephen

How we were misled

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, it appears that we have been somewhat deceived. I discovered the deception in my researches, but held back revealing what I knew. Until now.

We have been waiting for the Aussie to arrive. Admittedly, while waiting, we have found two True Immortals. But the Aussie was the first True Immortal we detected, and, because we didn’t yet have the method of ghost children, finding him involved a great deal of  time and effort. And we had lost track of him. Naturally, we looked forward to discovering his current whereabouts.

However, several weeks ago I began to notice certain facts that raised fundamental questions.

I had been investigating the identity history of the The Bounty Hunter. To my surprise, I discovered divergences between the identity of the man we know now and the identity of the person who had been investigating the Aussie. Both were highly skilled professionals for hire. Both carried out investigations of Immortals and Hafeems. But using my current tools, I gradually uncovered a break in continuity. The Bounty Hunter we know and the one who has had been investigating the Aussie are not the same men.

How had we been fooled initially? The second Bounty Hunter had intentionally taken on the apparent identity of the first.

But surely Oxadrenals would know about this. The second Bounty Hunter worked for him!  And we had discussed the Aussie with him at length. Nonetheless, Oxadrenals allowed us to believe that the two men were the same. (To be fair, he has admitted many times that he is forced to deceive us on certain points.)

At  around the same time, I began to acquire some startling new evidence about the Aussie: It began to appear that the Aussie had already arrived. In fact, I discovered strong indications that he arrived almost one year ago. He lived for a time in Texas. And then he disappeared.

Then, about two weeks ago, without any prompting, Oxadrenals brought this very information to me. He gave me a satisfactory explanation. But he asked me to reserve the entire subject from publication for a period. As he gave solid reasons for doing so, I complied.

However, now that “the Big Show” is underway, it is safe for reveal what has actually been going on.

I shall now clarify many details. I will also reveal actual names. (continued in my next post) — Stephen

What really happened

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

As I was discussing in my last post, it is now safe for me to reveal the details of a significant but necessary deception that has been practiced on us by Oxadrenals. Here are the major points, arranged in logical order.

(1) The Aussie in fact arrived in the US one year ago.

(2) The Bounty Hunter (the real one, not the man we call by that name) discovered him on his arrival.

(3) This led to the fruition of certain of Oxadrenals’ plans.

(4) Oxadrenals could not risk interference with those plans by outside parties. Therefore, as a matter of tradecraft, he obscured the event, paying one of his other Bounty Hunters to take over certain elements of the identity of the first.

(5) We stumbled into the story by discovering the Aussie ourselves. But, fortunately, Oxadrenals’ technique worked, and we were derailed onto the wrong Bounty Hunter.

(6) I say “fortunately,” because I am in full agreement with what Oxadrenals is doing. His behavior was honorable. He has been honest to us in almost all respects, taking precautions only that we would not interfere with the great work he was undertaking.

(7) He himself informed me of the deception, and asked me to reserve publication of the facts until that great work had progressed to its climax.

(8) That point has been now been reached. (continued in my next post) — Stephen

[Editor’s note: The actual bounty hunter, Richard Menniss, is discussed in the narratives of the Immortality Project.]