Black Helicopters

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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In the dark

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

So I’ve given up on Glenn coming here and just taking more pictures of that giant dish with the armed guards.  It’s always totally silent on the hilltop where I park here except for my repetitious heartbeat, and also an owl. Only just now it’s stopped being so quiet.

I’m getting out to take pictures of them coming for me. — Flyss

Black Helicopters

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

So I’m at the dish, and I get out of my car to check out the Black Helicopters I hear coming for me.

Black helicopters are pretty much made on purpose to be hard to see at night, and it’s foggy with no moon.  But I think I see shapes coming up from close to the ground, swirling a little, going to the left sometimes and sometimes to the right but always getting closer.

And closer.  And still closer.

OK, already.  Turn on your bright lights. Land and kidnap me, or shine down your mind rays so I pass out and wake up on the Mothership … But nothing.

Maybe I’ve been kidnapped and my organs operated on for fun, and I can’t remember it. Except I still hear the helicopters and they’re not getting closer. So decide to walk ahead and make it easier for them.

I walk about twenty feet and the helicopter wind blows dust in my eyes. I keep walking.  Now  the helicopters are on both sides of me. And now they’re behind me, and the wind’s still making my eyes itch. Which isn’t right. And the sound is awfully low to the ground, so low I can stomp on it.

Literally. Because the sound is coming from a boombox.

From two ipod boom boxes, about twenty feet apart, playing helicopter sounds in stereo.

OK, that’s more than cool.

Glenn, I’ll email you the mp3 files. Instead of falling all over yourself to apologize for not showing up, just analyze the damn things. And, yes, I’m getting the heck out of here. Even if they’re only flying boom boxes at me instead of real black helicopters, I get the message. — Flyss

P.S. I’m emailing them to Stephen, too.

The True History of the Illuminati

Friday, March 19th, 2010

This material is a treasure trove.  I’ve only dipped into a few percent of what’s here, and already every idea I’ve had about conspiracies has been turned upside down.

The bottom line: What we theorists suspected has proved entirely true – and entirely false.

Where past conspiracy theorists imagined a cabal of Jewish bankers, there is instead something far more dangerous: a cabal of Immortals who have amassed incredible fortunes over their long lives (and who do not mind shifting suspicion onto Jews and others when it serves them.)  Where Elizabeth Clare Prophet and many others wrote of spiritually advanced beings living in tunnels honeycombing the earth, there is instead a hidden world of Immortals hiding underground: but they are not necessarily spiritually advanced at all.

These Illuminati — for that is actually what they call themselves– are immensely but far from absolutely powerful.  They have no special abilities other than the profound understanding of human psychology long life has given them. They have no mind control rays, but they are highly skilled at controlling us without them.

Here is a vital point: Among their many methods, they support false or partly false conspiracy theories to distract us from the real.  It is they who have kidnapped people and released them with the stigmata of alien abduction.  It is they who have terrorized people with black helicopters, a kind of theatre to distract us from their actual acts of manipulation. They planted the Majestic 12 papers and wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Illuminati have infiltrated the CIA, the NSA, FEMA, the Trilateral Commission, the mainstream media and every other organ of social power, and they use these powers both to accomplish their goals and to sow misinformation about their goals.  And they’re ruthless: They’ve not hesitated to cause certain people or groups of people to be blamed and victimized, even slaughtered when it serves their purposes. And yet, they mean us well.

This is the true history of the Illuminati.  I will be presenting it in the weeks and months ahead. – Glenn

New development

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

(Continued from my last post.)

Up until now, this operation has been run entirely by members of the red&whites. But that’s now changed.

A little review: As you may recall, the group of Immortals who call themselves The Illuminati are run by a board of 12 members, plus a 13th who only occasionally involves herself. Of these, eleven manage their own organizations of Hafeems and mortals, marked out by distinctive colors and symbols.

The “blue&blacks” are a paramilitary force run by an Immortal we are calling “Sollaya.” When in full regalia, they wear clothes entirely of blue and black, with the “Illuminati Symbol” emblazoned on the back and the letter “S” on front.  Members the “red&whites” function as a sort of military police, and wear bright red uniforms, white berets, white sashes around the necks and white armbands emblazoned with the letter “L.” The “yellow&blacks” wear yellow jackets and trousers with black beaded trim and a letter “B” embroidered in black on the back of their jackets. There are also green&golds, silver&oranges, and several others.

When on public operations, they considerably tone down their presentation, but always retain certain identifying elements. Thus far, we’ve encountered red&white symbology in the entourage waiting to greet an arriving ghost child at Denver International Airport. But now a few elements of the blue&blacks have appeared on the scene.

Distinctively blue/black helicopters such as this one have been appearing near DIA and also at nearby municipal airports:

(Colors somewhat Photoshop-enhanced for visibility.)

Furthermore, someone who appears to be a liason officer from the blue&black organization has joined the red&whites waiting at DIA.  He’s someone we’ve seen before, but not shown on the blog until now. (Continued in my next post.) — Strattera