Denver International Airport

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Time to reveal the location

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

It will be another day or so before the photograph is arranged to verify Oxadrenal’s claim that he is a Hafeem. In the mean time, we are  holding back a certain crucial fact about Flyss’ observations of the ventilation cones and dishes in the area Oxadrenals sent her to explore.

However, we do feel that at this time it is appropriate to reveal the true location of those cones and dishes. They are in Denver, Colorado. (If you have following this blog closely, you will note that up until now we have intimated that they are in Oklahoma.  However, you will have also noted that we use a certain amount of geographic and other deception. Note further that not all our supposed “Oklahoma” sites are in Denver, nor in Colorado. They range over a several state area.)

Denver is of particular interest for those of us interested in classical conspiracy theory thinking, as good evidence indicates that Denver and its environs embody numerous large secret installations, some above ground and some buried deep below. The Strategic Air Command base dug far below Cheyenne Mountain is not a secret at all. More controversial is the existence of vast underground caverns at the former Rocky Mountain Arsenal, currently the site of Denver International Airport. The theories about underground worlds at DIA range from the modest to the absurd, with every stage between.

But there is no doubt that much more than meets the eye is going on in Denver. Over the last several months, Flyss has collected provocative photographs from many parts of the city and its surroundings, of objects, sightings and installations. We shall be displaying them from time to time, and discussing what they imply.  This post is already overlong, and so I will simply close with one of her photos, an object sighted atop what appears to be otherwise an entirely innocuous building:

Signalling Device, Illuminati Immortals

No one admits to knowing what it is. But we have heard these letters whispered privately: “HAARP.” — Glenn

More on HAARP near DIA

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Still waiting to complete  the photograph check of  Oxadrenal’s claim that he is a Hafeem, and we are also still holding back a certain crucial fact about Flyss’ observations of the ventilation cones and dishes in the area Oxadrenals sent her to explore. (The reason we’re holding it back is that it’s our leverage for causing him to allow us to verify his age.)

While we’re waiting, I’ve been discussing some hanging threads. In my last post, I revealed that some (though not all) of Flyss’ photographs were taken in Denver, and may bear some relation to the famous allegations of underground tunnels in Denver International Airport and its surroundings.

In that post, I showed a photograph of a peculiar object near DIA that may be related to the HAARP project. Here’s another view:

The significance of these installations near the dishes and cones will become clear when we reveal the fact we’re currently withholding. — Glenn