Conventions of the site

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Conventions of the Site

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Perhaps this is a good time to mention again one of the basic conventions of this site: We take it as a given that one day the objects of our investigation will discover that we are investigating them. Everything we post here takes this in mind. In particular, it is our opinion that people who do not age are likely to be particularly cautious about many things, and especially about unwanted identification.

Therefore, we never show their faces, even when we do possess images; in some cases, we show incorrect images. We also hide or disguise various other important details.  For example, the area of Oklahoma we describe as “off the map” is not necessarily in Oklahoma. Also, some of the photos we use are designed to slightly misdirect. Finally, we never disclose actual names. All the names posted here are pseudonyms. Our overall hope is that when actual Immortals find this site, they will realize that we have taken pains not to put them in danger. — Glenn, Kate, Flyss and Stephen

As per the rules of this site

Monday, June 14th, 2010

FYI: As per the rules of this site, we will under no circumstance post the photograph taken of Oxadrenals.  It is not because he knows too much about us to make it safe to actually as opposed to playfully cross him; rather, it is a strict convention that all of us observe. (Note that we didn’t blackmail him into letting us photograph him; we merely tantalized him. It was his curiosity about what we knew, not fear about what we might do, that caused him to agree to our terms.)

We will do nothing to jeopardize the safety of those we are investigating, whether they are individuals or members of a secret society of immortals. For self-preservation alone, as well as for reasons of honor, this is an absolute rule on our site. And when it comes to Oxadrenals, we have come to treasure him.

To read more about our policy, read this post.

Glenn, Flyss, Stephen and Kate