Off the Map

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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But it’s not on Google Earth

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

First, I never said anything about Immortals living here.  That must have been on your own brain.  All I know is that (a) The BH, who is known to be chasing an Immortal, visited the dish the day after he visited a chemical factory that by coincidence had just been featured online with a secret message from Antipollus hidden inside. (b) This is the same Antipollus who has something to do with the non-mortal person Glenn saw at Antietam way back when. (c) It’s a weird place, and so’s the factory. (c) What are they doing way out in the middle of nowhere, and with armed guards? (I forgot to mention, the dish has guards too.)

Second, the dish isn’t on Google Earth.  If you plug in its GPS location, you see a whole lot of dirt and bushes.

Third, the neighbors don’t know about it either, because there aren’t any neighbors.  It’s really out in deepest nowhere, and the roads to get here aren’t marked.  (I had a map courtesy of the GPS tracker I stuck in the BH’s car.)

I’m not so much thinking Immortal hideouts as secret government installations. But why is someone chasing an Immortal taking side trips to visit secret government installations? — Flyss

More photos

Friday, April 9th, 2010

I have several more photos of that factory, for what it’s worth.

You said the maps don’t show any railroad tracks in the area. But isn’t this a railroad bridge?

Here it is entering the factory:

A footpath goes under that bridge and about three others:

Continuing on:

When you come out, you’re here:

Here’s a closeup of one part:

and of another:

This next photo shows the river you saw on the map. The factory is just to the right. Note the weird blockhouse-like thing on the far side.

Here’s a closeup of the “blockhouse:”

Is any of that useful? — Flyss

Ventilation Cones?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The GPS tracker I placed beside the BH’s GPS tracker in an unknown third party’s car is still working.  After visiting that tunnel beneath the freeway where we later saw the two Immortals, I don’t have the guts to check out in detail any of the places where it goes.  But I don’t mind driving down an interstate (or its frontage road) and snapping photos.

This one is of a place he parked in.

Notice the cones.  Again, are these ventilators for an underground space? — Flyss

Closing up shop?

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

That fellow I’ve decided to call The Servant has been busy lately. He’s visited pretty much every off-the-map spot I’ve come across.  And, you know what, most of them aren’t off the map any more. You can see them plain as day on Google Earth, too.

I drove by one of the previously secret factories, and it looks the same, except the armed guards are gone. How much do you want to bet everyone important has left and they’re closing up shop?

Best of all, the remote camera I left in place beneath the underpasses showed a bunch of people in orange clothes tramp down to the underground tunnel with all kinds of equipment, like cement mixers, and come marching out about six hours later.  I’m going to wait a bit, and then go check on the tunnel to see if it’s changed any. — Flyss [thread continued in this post)

Two organizational hierarchies

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Great work! This potentially ties together several loose ends, and lets us draw the beginnings of two organizational hierarchies.

The Laughing One” is obviously no friend of Antipollus, considering the message he left in that third photo. Just as certainly, “The Servant” works for the blue&blacks, and is accepted as a messenger at those various facilities in the “off the map” area. However, the Bounty Hunter put a GPS tracker in The Servant’s car. Considering the first photo message, the blue&blacks follow the instructions of Antipollus. [Editor’s note: We now know that they are actually servants of Soraya, and that Soraya works closely with Antipollus/Alexandros.] Hence, it is reasonable to guess that the Bounty Hunter is a servant of Laughing One, and that there is antagonism between the Laughing One/BH and Antipollus/Blue&black/Servant axis.

As far as a possible migration goes, I’m looking for direct evidence of that.  Of course, part of the value of being off the map would have been to allow such a migration to occur in secret. Where would they have gone? — Glenn