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Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Special Review Post

Tuesday, September 26th, 2000

In an underground facility within the redwood forests of Santa Cruz County, the genetic sequencing of a True Immortal’s genome edges toward completion. Eight narratives of this Immortality Project are being published in installments. These are non-fiction renditions of actual events leading up to the present day. The authors are Oxadrenals, Janice, and a set of professional writers. This page shows all the narratives in their proper sequence. The narrative begin in late 2009. The narratives will reach the present at approximately the moment that the sequencing finishes. There is a considerable chance of unfriendly intervention at that time by the Immortal Illuminati. One of the purposes of publishing these narratives is to help dissuade them from intervening, as explained here.

In this category, you, can see the genesis of these narratives.

This is the part that has me all churned up

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Yeah, that part’s interesting, I guess, especially for a scientific dude  like you. But I was talking about what came next. I’ll paste the text in here, like you did, because, yes it’s hard to point to a forum post.

This is Oxadrenals writing on the forums at First he says something, then he quotes someone, then he speaks as himself again. I use italics for the guy he’s quoting.


“On the other hand, I know a Hafeem who’s so compassionate and noble it makes me want to cry … Part of what made him that way is that he’s so often known himself to be wrong. I’m going to quote him here. (If he sounds like a sourpuss, please read my comment at the end.)

I have never possessed the gift of easy pleasure, a quality I recognize as unfortunate in a man destined to live several thousand years. My character is such that it requires a focus, a goal, a sense that my effort further some worthwhile purpose. Alas, I have by now outlived too many purposes to believe in any.

In the second century AD, I studied medicine with Galen, believing it a noble profession. However, during a later interval of apprenticeship with physicians in China, I learned to view the accumulated medical wisdom of my previous period as no more than miserable superstition. I suffered still another revolution of this kind when, in the 18th century, medicine became (as was supposed) scientific, and I learned to discard worthless herbal remedies in favor of mercury and arsenic. Yet, as I now know, this last phase was worst of all, for with my mercury and arsenic I killed many, many people, and helped not one.

All my other efforts to pursue good works turned out to be equally mistaken. In the 17th century, I risked my life among “savages” in an idealistic quest to provide them the benefits of Christianity. History now characterizes my efforts as the arrogant, colonialist oppression of primal peoples, and I agree.

I think with even greater disgust of my fourth century moralistic phase, when I whipped women for adultery, stoned men for homosexuality, and slaughtered Mithraists and Manicheans for their heresy.  At the time, I’d seen my actions as just, even merciful; I’d meant only to serve God.  But as subsequent centuries passed and my moral compass grew, I came to view that epoch of my life with profound loathing.

I now knew beyond a doubt that I lack sufficient wisdom to properly construe a higher purpose, much less serve one. Only, lacking higher purpose, what is there to live for?

I know he sounds like a depressing downer guy, but he’s not, at all: All his disappointments have turned him into the loveliest soul you could ever want to meet.”


This has my thoughts all churned up. I can imagine trying to do good and having it backfire. And that’s what the guy’s saying in the first part, about medicine. There’s nothing so special there. But the rest of what he says is horrifying: that something he thought was good at the time now looks like evil. And that this has happened to him a lot!

What a petrifying thought. How can you even try to be a good person if you suspect that pretty soon (like in a century or so) you’ll hate yourself for what you even wanted to do? — Flyss

[NOTE: Oxadrenals is now posting a full version of this story here.]

That is not speech

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

That is not speech (Even allowing

for the archaic voice /of a man who formed

his way of thinking centuries ago.)

You did not transcribe those words.

You composed them.

I’m not saying that you fabricated the words

from whole cloth.  But fabricated them

you did.

You sewed the cloth

from raw words spoken by a person,

Words you dyed, spun

wove, sewed and finished.

Turned into a story.

Where there is this much, there is more.

Will you show us? — Kate

A stute

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Dear Kate. Gotchi!(That’s self-referential form of “gotcha,” for all the Grammar buffs among our readers.)

You’re astute. Ne’er met anyone quite so much the stute as you.

I cannot tell a lie. (Not today, anyway, because it’s the 4242nd leap second from my birthday, and I would never lie then.) That “quote” from my Hafeem friend S____ was not caught on tape recorder. Though it’s close to his real speaking style, you’re right: an author dun it.

I have some scribes who work for me. They write things down when I ask them. (And make up things when I’m short on details, too, bless their souls.) — Ox

I’d love to see more

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

I’d love to see more of what you’ve had your “scribes” write about your Hafeem friend. — Kate
[LATER NOTE: Oxadrenals is now posting a full version of this story here.]

Scribes. They’re all liars.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Not sure you really want to read it. My scribes are total liars. They make up internal dialog, invent what people had for breakfast, and describe every last person as having “eyes of a startling diamond blue,” or “fingers only a piano player could love.”

And the melodrama! Sheesh. – Ox

Independent confirmation

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

In addition, may I add that I have independent confirmation that we can trust what Oxadrenals is telling us now?

In order to persuade me to withhold certain information, he had to give me certain facts, and these allowed me to test his claim. I know what he is doing, where, and how he arranged it. I can trace his suppliers, identify the transfer of funds, track the arrival of the equipment, and generally verify the proceedings as they have occurred thus far. I’ll send this material to you privately. I would ask you to please reserve judgment until you have reviewed it. Sincerely — Stephen

In my capacity as HafeemObservingAll: An announcement

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

I have an announcement to make.

Using my powers as the human override for “HafeemObservingAll,” I’m about to post a series of narratives at

Like the Hafeem Saul, this is a story based on fact and composed by Oxadrenals and his scribes. But the style is altogether different. It is a thriller; a love story; a voyage into the world of immortals; and it is the record of a quest for physical immortality that is reaching its crisis now.

If Oxadrenals succeeds, the narrative will reach up to the present and beyond. But if he falls, and our current hope for immortality is lost, at least the record of this grand attempt will be given to the world.

The first installment will appear by morning. — Kate

P.S. Flyss, I wonder if you’d like to decorate the narrative with a few photos? :-)

P.P.S. And, I promise, the detail regarding the ear will be made clear.

Relationship to the current conflict

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I agree with the comments of some readers: The early part of this narrative seems remote from the current conflict between the Immortal Illuminati and the Hafeem physical immortality project. But I’ve now been allowed to read to the end of “The Immortal Blair,” and I will say that the connection will eventually become obvious.

As for why we are doling out the parts of the story so slowly: as mentioned earlier, the plan is to influence Alexandros but not to threaten him.

Readers who are impatient with the slow release of The Immortal Blair might consider reading the previously posted narrative titled The Hafeem Saul. It is intended as section 2 in the entire sequence, but as its events occurred 35 years in the past, the order of reading is not crucial. Keep in mind, however, that its writing style is altogether different.

I have been informed that section 3, The Mortal, will be in yet another style altogether: First person present tense written from the perspective of Janice. Oxadrenals told us that Janice herself wrote that section, and in his opinion she is a far better writer than himself or his “scribes.” However, I have not yet seen the material.


At the very beginning of the seduction, he finds himself touched

Monday, September 6th, 2010

In installment 11 of The Immortal Blair, titled “So Much for His Vow of Solititude,” Blair follows Janice into an all-night liquor store, which he describes as a “gaudy, warm hidden space, its vivid labels and brightly colored bottles a crow’s idea of paradise.” Bizarrely, the man at the cash register wears a button that reads “10 years of sobriety.” Blair may have his 10 -15 years of sobriety each “frame” of his life. (That’s how he describes the periods during which he lives in one place, before he has to change identities and disappear.)

He means to seduce her so he can hide from Menniss. He’s very good at seduction. Extremely good! But, to his surprise, he finds himself touched by her. — Flyss