“The Big Show”

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Battle Royal

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

As I mentioned at the end of  my last post, there is a sense in which ending aging and death presents even a greater conflict of goods than reducing infant mortality. I am referring to what Flyss pointed out.

Flyss is of the post- postmodernist generation, for whose members a class- and power-based analysis of history is as natural as breathing. And the images that this perspective have brought to light are truly chilling.

I have always accepted that when anti-aging technology becomes available, it will be made available first for the wealthy and the powerful. That is only to be expected. But what I had not considered prior to is that these early adopters will do their best to keep the technology away from others. Worse, if they fail to prevent widespread life extension, or even if they anticipate failure, they will seek by all possible other means to save themselves and their friends and family from the dire consequences of exponential population growth. They will use everything they have: their money, their power, and their new longevity.

One might object that the powerful and the super-rich are not currently able to have their own way. But once immortality is an option, the stakes rise asymptotically upward. For when we take risks, we risk only a mortal lifespan; for an immortal, infinity is in the balance. It is plausible to suppose that there is nothing a person would not do to preserve an eternal life. (See this post for a quasi-theoretic analysis of the stake change.)

Thus, we can expect a massive amplification of eternal quest by the privilege to preserve their privilege. If they win, they will enjoy infinity. If they lose, infinity will be snatched from them. With stakes like that, it will be truly a battle royal.

However, now another thought strikes me:The current Immortals would have the same concerns and desires. They may already be at war with us.

– Stephen

[Portion of this thread continued in this post.]

Big stuff is going to happen

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

That all sounds like a painfully slow process! I can’t bear to wait that long.

I totally agree with Flyss that death is grotesque, a travesty, a bad joke. But it’s a big bad joke, the 800 lb gorilla in every room, and it’s waiting to snatch some very good friends of mine. I don’t like that one bit, and I don’t mean to stand idly by. Something has to happen by this fall. And I think it will. Winter at the latest. Once we find [so and so]  we’ll go ahead and [do this and that] … and then we’ll [do that and this]

Terrible idea to spill the beans too soon. Must keep those beans in the Ball jar for now, but verily I sayeth unto you, big stuff is going to happen, this Fall, or Winter at the latest! Stay tuned. — Ox

The Big Show

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

How do you know it will happen in the fall? Whatever it is, that is.

Is that why you’re training us now, so we can be ready for the big show then? — Flyss

Why we don’t just get along

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Stephen asked me to write a brief post explaining why my guys don’t get along with their guys (nor my gals with their gals, etc.), as it’s a subject in the background recently.

Basically, high minded as we try to be, Hafeems and True Immortals bump each other on the chins.  Not one-on-one. It’s happened a lot that a young True Immortal gets mentored by a Hafeem. But once True Immortals get pretty old they usually find us irritating pretenders; and we don’t like them much either because they never get wrinkles or nose hairs.

Not to be so flip, I’m in favor of physical immortality for all, they’re not and hence the problem. I’m doing some things to to get there the SENS foundation never dreamed of, and the upshot is that  I’m racing toward a head on collision with the Trueimms (God, they’d hate to be -called that, but a reader suggested it and I approve) when they step athwart my plans. This fall or winter at the latest the showdown starts.

Now, about a delicate subject: The Eldest, (blessed She) has not taken sides. To use her own words, she chooses to “hold the powers equal and let chance decide.” The one power is my group, the other power is Antipollus and his True Immortal Illuminati (with Sollaya and the Blue&blacks and bunches of others.) Truth be told, Antipollus is a hell of a lot stronger than me. (Smarter too, richer, wiser, cleverer, more perceptive … but I’m twice as handsome.) If he stepped in with all his might I’d be boot polish.

But the Eldest (blessed She) is stronger than either of us, and she’s holding us apart. In the mean time, we’re getting closer and close, and the pressure is building, and if she decides to stop maintaining the peace we will snap-to at war, with the hounds of hell baying and sniffing each other’s butts, and the cats of hell massing into vast cat herds, and also lots of shouting. And killing, and guns and nasty comments so hurtful they can never be taken back. Or worse. — Oxadrenals

The current balance of forces

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Continuing where Flyss left off.

Here’s my attempt at an analysis.

As we’ve noted in various posts, there has recently been a consolidation of True Immortal force in Santa Clara County, California. Some of these Trueimms have decamped from complex installations in the Midwest (including the tunnels shown in that link and these previously off-the-map “factories”) while others merely abandoned nearby garrisons in San Francisco, at the Veteran’s War Memorial.* The two known leaders of these True Immortals  are the individuals we are calling Antipollus and Sollaya.

The county of Santa Cruz abuts Santa Clara County in deep redwood forest along the ridge of the Santa Cruz mountains. This area appears to be more closely associated with a group of Hafeems allied with Oxadrenals.

The two groups appear to be in conflict. The True Immortals are more powerful, but another individual, yet more powerful still, is enforcing an armed peace. This is Yahahnna, called The Eldest.

A particular True Immortal,** “The Aussie,” owns property in Santa Cruz, via one of his ghost children. He does not seem to be allied with others of his kind. His property, however, links to an isolated rock on an isolated beach, and that rock contains a peculiar variation of the famous Illuminati eye and triangle.

Oxadrenals has told us the he hopes to soon find the current location of The Aussie. He also speaks of an event he calls The Big Show, due to occur in the fall of 2010 or the winter of 2011. This event is expected somehow to further the cause of physical immortality for Hafeems and mortals, and is also linked to the enmity between the groups.

The details, however, are obscured by the fog of future events. I believe that in order to unravel them, it may help begin analyzing some symbols. (Continued in my next post) — Straterra

* They may still have a certain brooding presence in San Francisco.

**He could be a Hafeem. But Oxadrenals informs us that he is aging too slowly for that.

The Big Show is happening now

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

I said fall or winter, but actually the Big Show is happening now. - Ox

It’s happening NOW?

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

What do you mean it’s happening now? What’s happening?
You wrote: “Once we find [so and so] we’ll go ahead and [do this and that] … and then we’ll [do that and this]” And then, somehow, physical immortality is on its way, that is if Antipollus doesn’t stop you.

Have you found the Aussie? Are you close to physical immmortality? Are you fighting against Antipollus?

Stephen, do you know what he means? — Flyss

We have been deceived, but justifiably so

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Yes, I do know. Let me explain.

First, a review. The first immortal for whose existence we had solid evidence is a man we have nicknamed “The Aussie.” What we know about him is summarized here.

Of note, though we lost the trail of the Aussie, we discovered a person who was following the Aussie too, the “Bounty Hunter.” We have nurtured hopes that by following him we would find the Aussie. In the process of observing the Bounty Hunter, we were contacted by Oxadrenals. After a number of interactions that are not directly relevant to the current topic, Oxadrenals provided special training to Flyss and Strattera. They were led to believe that the ultimate purpose of this training was to allow them to observe the BH as he closed in on the Aussie, and possibly also to covertly enter an underground world.

But then other adventures intervened.

Flyss and Strattera investigated the San Francisco War Memorial, and found a surveillance equipment in a secret room. this led to a gambit designed to flush out True Immortals in the SENS foundation, and also allowed us to observe the Blue&blacks in action.

In the past, we had used a number of very time intensive methods to search out immortals, only some of which succeeded.  But then I  discovered the method of tracking  ghost children identities. This powerful technique led to a series of discoveries. The first merely involved symbols on a beach in Santa Cruz, but next we we able to detect and observe the arrival of two True Immortals: first Speed Demon and then  the Molly.

In the midst of this, Oxadrenals published The Hafeem Saul, a fascinating biographical narrative.

These events kept us quite busy. So busy, that we all forgot for a time that Flyss and Strattera were supposedly in preparation for observing the Bounty Hunter close in on the Aussie.

It now appears that we have been somewhat deceived. But justifiably so! (Blockbuster revelations in my next several posts.) — Stephen

What really happened

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

As I was discussing in my last post, it is now safe for me to reveal the details of a significant but necessary deception that has been practiced on us by Oxadrenals. Here are the major points, arranged in logical order.

(1) The Aussie in fact arrived in the US one year ago.

(2) The Bounty Hunter (the real one, not the man we call by that name) discovered him on his arrival.

(3) This led to the fruition of certain of Oxadrenals’ plans.

(4) Oxadrenals could not risk interference with those plans by outside parties. Therefore, as a matter of tradecraft, he obscured the event, paying one of his other Bounty Hunters to take over certain elements of the identity of the first.

(5) We stumbled into the story by discovering the Aussie ourselves. But, fortunately, Oxadrenals’ technique worked, and we were derailed onto the wrong Bounty Hunter.

(6) I say “fortunately,” because I am in full agreement with what Oxadrenals is doing. His behavior was honorable. He has been honest to us in almost all respects, taking precautions only that we would not interfere with the great work he was undertaking.

(7) He himself informed me of the deception, and asked me to reserve publication of the facts until that great work had progressed to its climax.

(8) That point has been now been reached. (continued in my next post) — Stephen

[Editor’s note: The actual bounty hunter, Richard Menniss, is discussed in the narratives of the Immortality Project.]

Naming Names

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Continued from my last post

(10) Now that the project has reached its climax, the extensive caution we have thus far employed may be relaxed in one of its elements.

(11) We have been calling Oxadrenals great antagonist “Antipollus.” But his true name is Alexandros.*

(12) NOTE: Though Oxadrenals is in conflict with Alexandros, this does not mean that Alexandros is evil. Oxadrenals himself does not regard him as such. There are many sides to this matter. It is a classic conflict of competing goods. Oxadrenals has taken a position, but he respects that of his antagonist.

(13) But Alexandros is implacably opposed to physical immortality for mortals.

(14) Thus the stakes in this final crisis are very high.

(15) There may be a battle.

(16) Oxadrenals himself is not sure he will survive. — Stephen

*Oxadrenals” is an anagram of “Alexandros.” This is another example of the remarkable gifts at word play possessed by our esteemed Hafeem colleague. For not only does it directly mock Alexandros, it is also a pun: The adrenals of oxen are used in Taoist medicine to lengthen life.

Independent confirmation

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

In addition, may I add that I have independent confirmation that we can trust what Oxadrenals is telling us now?

In order to persuade me to withhold certain information, he had to give me certain facts, and these allowed me to test his claim. I know what he is doing, where, and how he arranged it. I can trace his suppliers, identify the transfer of funds, track the arrival of the equipment, and generally verify the proceedings as they have occurred thus far. I’ll send this material to you privately. I would ask you to please reserve judgment until you have reviewed it. Sincerely — Stephen

Physical Immortality: It’s really happening?

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Oh. Yeah, I see. Yes, you’re probably right.

I’m sure you are.

Anyway, no real harm. The adventures were great!

And I’ve looked over Stephen’s stuff. My God, it’s really happening, isn’t it? Oxadrenal’s big project: Physical immortality (OK, “indefinite life extension”) for everyone. Jeez! — Flyss

P.S. They used someone’s ear? What the heck?

And who’s this Janice chick everyone’s running around for?

Physical Immortality Hanging in the Balance

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Thank you for being so understanding, Flyss! I knew you would.

About physical immortality: It may be really happening. But we’re not there yet. There’s some kind of battle going on between Oxadrenals and Alexandros, with The Eldest playing a role as well. As I understand it, events are coming to a crisis at one or more large underground installations. It could turn out well, but it could turn out very badly. I don’t think anyone can know how it’s going to turn out. But we are really, truly, on the cusp.

Look for a series of important announcements soon.  – Kate

In my capacity as HafeemObservingAll: An announcement

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

I have an announcement to make.

Using my powers as the human override for “HafeemObservingAll,” I’m about to post a series of narratives at Hiddenimmortals.info

Like the Hafeem Saul, this is a story based on fact and composed by Oxadrenals and his scribes. But the style is altogether different. It is a thriller; a love story; a voyage into the world of immortals; and it is the record of a quest for physical immortality that is reaching its crisis now.

If Oxadrenals succeeds, the narrative will reach up to the present and beyond. But if he falls, and our current hope for immortality is lost, at least the record of this grand attempt will be given to the world.

The first installment will appear by morning. — Kate

P.S. Flyss, I wonder if you’d like to decorate the narrative with a few photos? :-)

P.P.S. And, I promise, the detail regarding the ear will be made clear.

Answering some questions

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Remember when Flyss met The Eldest?  One of the things Flyss heard her say is, ”I hold the powers equal and let chance decide.”

I have no idea everything she meant when she said it. But one thing I know she meant, because she told me so, is that she’s protecting The Immortality Project from Alexandros and Soraya with their blue&black militia and their red&white military police. That’s the only reason why the Immortal Illuminati haven’t shut us down. They have an army of suited up knife-throwing fire-eating lovelies ready to move in and protect us from ourselves, but the Eldest is holding the powers equal.

For now. Remember the part about “letting chance decide?” She means it. Any moment, if she wants, she can take back her protection.

As for defending our own selves from Alexandros and company: Well, don’t think see. It’s taking a lot of holding to make the powers equal.

On the one hand, they got armies.

Squaring off against them, we got nearsighted Joe on watch in the Crows Nest, a troupe of butt naked shock troops with their underarmor between their ankles, a set of bright new pennies in all the fuse boxes, and a brigade’s worth of smoke alarms unplugged.

That’ll show ‘em! — Oxadrenals

Why all the personal stuff?

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, I have an idea why these chronicles of the Immortality Project are spending so much time on Janice and Blair’s personal interactions rather than skipping straight ahead to the exciting project itself.

Kate suggested that Oxadrenals wants us to remember the human side to all this, and that’s why he’s spending so much time on the people. And I agree. But I think there’s another reason.

Keep in mind that during the period that we transition to immortality, the world will be full of contrasts between the immortal and the non-mortal. Not everyone will become immortal at once. There will be haves and have nots. So, the issues Janice is facing are issues we will all face. We need to understand them!– Flyss

[Stephen’s note to new readers:Eight narratives of the Immortality Project are being published in installments.  These are non-fiction renditions of actual events leading up to the present day. The authors are Oxadrenals, Janice, and a set of professional writers. This page shows all the narratives in their proper sequence.  The narrative begin in late 2009. In the present, the genetic sequencing of a True Immortal is nearly complete. The narratives will reach the present at approximately the moment that the sequencing finishes. There is a considerable chance of intervention at that time by the Immortal Illuminati. One of the purposes of publishing these narratives is to help dissuade them from intervening, as explained here. These Illuminati have recently discovered this blog, but they have not yet contacted us.]