Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Consider my arm twisted

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

HafeemYou’re a good arm twister, betcha no one ever told you that before.

About the uniforms: The group of Immortals who call themselves “The Illuminati” are run by a board of 12  members plus an occasional 13th. Most of them run their own large organization of mortals and Hafeems dressed up in special styles. “Sollaya” runs the “Blue&blacks.” You’ve met some of those friendly folks already. Whether it’s for ninja duty or going to the opera, they dress up in mostly black with a little blue, and have the letter “S” emblazoned somewhere, as well as the thingie you’re calling the  “Illuminati Symbol.” (I don’t know how they work it for skinny dipping, but it delectates the imagination to try and guess.) Members a group called the “red&whites” look like amped-up military police in bright red uniforms, white berets, white sashes around the necks and white armbands emblazoned with the letter “L.”  The “yellow&blacks” wear yellow jackets and trousers with black beaded trim and a  letter “B” embroidered in black on the back of their jackets. There are also green&golds, silver&oranges, just plain oranges (but no bananas) and eight other kinds. I know it sounds kinda ridiculous, but when you see them in action they don’t look so silly.

Now that I’ve answered your question so fulsomely, will you stop torturing the nice Oxadrenals and let me see those other photos, please?

The red&whites

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Several days ago, we received word from Stephen that another ghost child had been activated. This one had purchased almost two dozen different tickets to Denver. (I would have expected this practice to raise red flags with Homeland Security, but I’ve now been educated in the ways of the wealthy, and discovered that this is not at all uncommon.)

Unlike Speed Demon, who was a show unto herself (in various senses of the expression), this one has a whole entourage waiting.  And all of them are dressed, whether subtly or overtly, in clothes patterned on shades of red and white. We considered, of course, whether this could be a hostile reception rather than a friendly one, but the demeanor and activities of the red&whites suggest the latter interpretation.

The leader of the entourage is the man we showed earlier. Here’s his slightly altered photo once again:

He’s come several times, in sync with the purchased but unused tickets. He arranges his people carefully, including placing several behind secure areas.  (The fact that he is able to do so may explain why Denver International Airport is used by more than one True Immortal. The conspiracy theories regarding DIA may in part reflect a connection to an immortal organization.)

With each possible arrival, he sets up multiple means of transportation, so many, in fact, that we suspect he plans to use body doubles to confuse any pursuer.

He will most likely confuse us too.  But in attempting to follow the new arrival for as long as we can, we expect to learn more about the methods of this “red&white” organization.

So far, there have been numerous false alarms, but no actual appearance of the “ghost child.” — (Continued in my next post) Strattera

Alternate transportation

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I mentioned in my last post that the leader of the red&white entourage arranges multiple alternate means of transportation each time one of the flights booked by the new “ghost child” arrives. In this post, I plan to show some of the more interesting.

Of course, there are autos and limousines. But prior to each occasion a set of helicopters and private planes also shows up, and then leave when it becomes clear that the expected person has not arrived. (Presumably, he is not traveling under his actual name, and so the deplaning passengers must be observed individually. )

Here is a photo of several of their planes on the ground together:

But these are very small planes, and notoriously unsafe. One can’t imagine a True Immortal risking a flight on one of these. I’m not sure exactly what they intend these for.

This other craft, photographed by Flyss as it flew overhead, is of a different caliber.

These are capable of flying on a single propeller, and can handle high winds. It is believable that a True Immortal would risk a flight in one of these.

Their organization also possess a number of construction-grade helicopters, otherwise known as sky-cranes.

In calm weather, these are solid as brick.

It’s a substantial operation, and it will be interesting to learn who it’s intended to receive.– (continued in my next post) Strattera

At a nearby municipal airport

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Continued from my last post:

Interesting: more than a dozen of these have accumulated at a nearby municipal airport.

(Click to enlarge.) Notice the red & white stripes on the helicopter, as well as the color of the clothes of its occupants.

Perhaps our arriving True Immortal plans to hop over to there directly on landing at DIA? — (continued in my next post) Strattera