Santa Cruz

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Santa Cruz, California

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

I don’t yet know when The Aussie is arriving. But I do have one more piece of information for you. Two of his “ghost children” own land in or around Santa Cruz, California.

By itself that’s not very interesting. But he’s not the only one. In fact, there are more ghost children in Santa Cruz, California than anywhere else in the US! — Stephen

P.S. I assume I don’t have to mention that Santa Clara County (home of the SENS Foundation, and also linked to the Blue&Black symbol) is just over the mountains from Santa Cruz? And that a public statue reminiscent of the symbol can be found on the Pacific Garden Mall, the central street of Santa Cruz? — Stephen

A hidden world — or two — beneath the redwoods.

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Now, having wrapped all that up, I think it’s time to check in on that ghost children farm in Santa Cruz Stephen found. As you may recall, I wanted to re-check out San Francisco first, to “tie up some loose ends.” Well, we sure did that. Now it’s Santa Cruz’s turn

Strattera, Peter the great (our instructor) and I are out there now.

A little geography: Santa Clara County (also known as Silicon Valley) is on the south end of San Francisco Bay, on the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Actually, the county goes all the way up to the summit of those mountains, but when you come down the west side heading toward the ocean, you’re in Santa Cruz county.

Oxadrenals wants us to stay on the west side of the mountains and away from Santa Clara, since as he suspected and we now know pretty much for sure, a secret society of True Immortals has settled among the silicon. But this is rather interesting if you put it together with what Yahannah said?

“Both friends and not friends live where the trees are cold, and old and soft and high.”

Some place like this?

Santa Cruz county and Santa Clara county both contain large redwood forests. Huge, endless, shading away the sky and hiding thousands of square miles beneath their canopy. Here’s what you see when you stare straight up:

And these are just tiny, young trees.  We haven’t gotten to the really big ones. When you’re under those, you don’t see any sky at all.  It’s a separate, secret world, pretty much perfect to hide in if you’re a True Immortal. Or, if you’re a Hafeem.

Yahannah spoke of both friends and not friends hiding in the “cold, old, soft high” trees.” Oxadrenal has proven himself to be a friend, but the Immortal Illuminati are at the very least “not friends.” Are they facing off on opposite sides of the Santa Cruz mountains, Oxadrenal’s society of Hafeems, and that other secret society, the Immortal Illuminati, each one hidden beneath the redwood canopies, or beneath the ancient ground beneath the trees?– Flyss

Where to start in Santa Cruz?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Based on Stephen’s “ghost children farm” discoveries, we’re  exploring around Santa Cruz. As I mentioned in my last post, the deep redwoods around there look able to swallow a whole metro area of immortals.

Our esteemed reader and guest commentator “Humanspybot” suggests we explore Holy City, the site of an early 20th century utopian, pro-Nazi, white supremacist commune/cult. And it certainly is an interesting site. Its location sits at perhaps the most deeply wooded extreme of Santa Clara county.

However, Oxadrenals keeps nagging at us to stay out of Santa Clara and stick to Santa Cruz, and since he’s funding our training we will obey (for now.)

Santa Cruz is a big place, though, and the question is, where to start? Yes, the houses owned by the “ghost children” are obvious, and we’ll be going there soon. But just now we’re following another lead.

We found it in a room in the third tower from the left in this cathedral:

(As usual, click on the image to enlarge.)

The night that we were watching the cathedral, fog rolled in and out repeatedly. It was quite striking how entirely that one tower could disappear (and, yes, I mean the one just to the left of the second tall tower, not the little tower shown below but out of the frame above.)

It was this photogenic phenomenon that inspired us to investigate more closely. (Continued by Strattera in the next post) — Flyss

Trolling the beach

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

We’re in Santa Cruz now,* trolling the beach near a property owned by one of the Aussie’s ghost children. As you can see, the cliff here is very much like the chalky background shown in Strattera’s last post.

One small difference is that the symbols shown above are somewhat less evocative than the Illuminati Eye image found in the cathedral.

However, one does begin to wonder whether some of the phone numbers scribbled here and there were left by True Immortals or Hafeems trying to communicate. Sherlock Holmes read the “agony columns” to look for communication between spies and foreign countries regarding stolen Naval Treaties and the like, and this could be much the same: A way to send a message without having to point it in any particular (and potentially incriminating) direction. Of course, now, the Internet serves the same function — and that’s why Glenn set up his website. But many Immortals are probably uncomfortable with the Internet, and carving numbers onto trees, rocks or cliffs might be more their speed.

Given that California seems to have been home to a group of Immortals at least since the UN Charter was signed in 1945, and that Santa Clara (just over the mountains from here) seems to be where some number of Immortals from the Midwest as well as from San Francisco have now migrated to, it’s hard not to imagine that this part of the world is particularly dense with hidden messages, laden symbols and coded directions, such as those I shall show in my next post. — Flyss

*Those you of your familiar with our ways on this site will have already guessed that “now” doesn’t really mean now.

Seeing Symbols and Messages Everywhere

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s hard not to see hidden symbols and messages here. Like for instance, consider this house owned by one of the Aussie’s ghost children.

This is nothing more than a decorative circle, a visual reference to the path leading up to the house. People often buy fancy gates like this. Most likely, the shape has nothing whatsoever to do with this other decorative circle found on the beach directly below the house.

I’m obviously seeing connections where there are none. But just for the heck of it, let’s go a little ways down that tunnel. (Continued in my next post) — Flyss

Through the tunnel

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

In my last post, I showed the entrance to a tunnel on the beach below the house owned by one of the Aussie’s ghost children.

The house sits up on the cliff that’s ubiquitous along the beach in Santa Cruz. The tunnel at first appears to be some kind of run-of-the-mill culvert handling runoff from the street. But actually, it’s a kind of U-shaped culvert, with two outlets to the ocean dividing a single stream of runoff.

We followed it around for a while,

and then saw light again:

(Like Kate says, in and out of the dark, but a lot more in the light than than we used to be.)

The tunnel leads out onto an isolated beach caught between two arms of the cliff. Here’s a view to the right:

And here’s the view off to the left:

In between, there’s a large, solitary rock just sitting there, like it fell straight out of the sky:

It’s made of the same chalky material seen the photo we found in the cathedral tower.

And, just like in that photo, there are all kinds of symbols and messages carved onto its face. (Continued in my next post) — Flyss

On the face of the rock

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

In my last post, I described going through the tunnel and coming out onto an isolated beach, where we found a fairly huge rock sitting all alone. Like I mentioned, this rock also has scribbled symbols and writing on it. Here’s a closeup of the most interesting part:

(As always, click on the image to enlarge. FYI, I’ve enhanced it a little to make the writing and symbols clearer.)

Again we see a triangle shape with an eye, traditionally connected with the Illuminati, along with a wormy shape I don’t recognize. If Glenn were still alive, I’m sure he’d know right away what it is. But I’m drawing a blank.

Any suggestions? (Continued in my next post) — Flyss


Thursday, July 29th, 2010

To recap the last several posts:

Santa Cruz, California is a hotbed of “ghost children,” false identities raised up over decades.

Among these are several ghost children linked to the Aussie.

One of these homes has a  decorative gate that curiously resembles a tunnel cut into the cliffside on the beach below the home.

The tunnel cuts through the cliff to an isolated beach with a large chalky rock standing alone in the sand.

Carved into the face of the rock there is what appears to be an Illuminati symbol, similar but not identical to another symbol shown in a photo we found in a cathedral in San Francisco. That symbol too was carved into a chalky rock surface.

What do we make of all this? Oxadrenals is adamantly not talking, but I think we can make a few guesses.  (Continued by Strattera in the next post.) — Flyss