Hall of Mirrors

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Asking for help from our readers

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

I still have no idea what Glenn was doing in Sacramento. But I broke the encryption on that USB stick Flyss found.

(As Flyss suggested, the encryption key was an anagram of a phrase from conspiracy theory literature, “Trilateral Commission.” Glenn had previously anagrammed it to “Cast Iron Immortal Lies.” Remarkably, another anagram of the same term is “On Realistic Immortals,” which comes disturbingly close to the theme of this website.”)

The decrypted data consists almost entirely of multiple versions of the photograph inserted below.

Click on the photo to enlarge it and see the details in this hall of mirrors.

We’re appealing to our readers for help. Does anyone recognize where this place is? — Stephen

More photos of the hall of mirrors

Monday, June 21st, 2010

I found two other photos of that mirrored room, showing different perspectives.  Perhaps this will make it easier for someone to identify it. Again, remember that you can click on the images to enlarge them.

Notice the two reflections of the same wooden serving bar. These must be double reflections, involving a mirror outside the range of the photo, opposite the wall (and mirror) that we’re looking at.

Illuminati Meeting Room

This next one also shows the repeated mirroring effect well.

Using these two photos and the previous one, I’m trying to deduce the room’s actual shape and construction. However, I’m finding it a challenge, due to the repeating reflections.

It’s fully possible that this “hall of mirrors” may be an entirely secret space, unknown to anyone but those admitted. But if any of these photos ring a bell with anyone, please get in touch.

(It’s truly unfortunate that one can’t yet search Google images based on an image rather than a description!)  — Stephen

Even I can see the symbolism

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I seem to be the least imaginative of all of us, but even I can’t help noticing the symbolism of “Hall of Mirrors.”

And, yes, I’m whistling in the dark. My GFs uncle has been missing for a week. He’s ill and on the road, and we’re getting nowhere finding him. –Strattera

Illuminati focal point?

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

To continue.
As I noted in my last post, it turns out that the mirrored room is in the basement of Herbst Theater, the place where the UN charter was signed.

Personally, I’ve never believed that the UN is part of any global Illuminati conspiracy. But it is Glenn’s beliefs that are relevant here, and, although Glenn has repudiated certain elements of traditional conspiracy analysis he nonetheless accepts a great proportion of that body of thought. It would no doubt be of interest to him that on the ground floor of the same building there’s a large mural of the UN Charter signing ceremony, and one of the people in that mural is Eleanor Roosevelt. It cannot be denied that the Roosevelts are widely considered by conspiracy theorists to have been Illuminati, or at least associated with them. Finally, it should be mentioned  that the building itself looks remarkably like a grand Masonic Lodge.

One last point: As you may recall, Glenn had been working on a theory regarding a Japanese origin for one of the secret societies of Immortals. As it happens, the peace treaty between Japan and the US, the so called “San Francisco Treaty,” was signed right there in the very same building. That’s enough to give a bit of a shiver even to a crusty old skeptic like me. What it would do to Glenn I can only imagine. He could only have seen the San Francisco War Memorial building as an Illuminati focal point.

Keep in mind that Glenn is a man who almost never leaves home. Yet, he undoubtedly did so last week. That itself says volumes about the temptation he was under. (Continued in my next post)

To repeat,


More on the Veteran’s Memorial

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

To finish my thread on the Veteran’s Memorial. I promise that after this I will pull back from my big picture storytelling and return to old, calm, just-the-facts Strattera.

You may remember that we were first led to the memorial by photos of a mirrored room. That room was said to be in the basement of the Veterans War Memorial. We were able to confirm that, but it is now closed, locked, and unmarked. Rather than risk trying to look inside, we sought out an old friend, and obtained obtain photos of it from him. Here is one of them:

He told us that Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Albert Einstein were among the faces pictured, and that he had no idea why they or any of the other photos were placed there. The room appears to have been locked up only about a month ago.

At the same time, statues began to disappear. This niche in the foyer used to have a statue of a man:

The room next to the one with the shrine was wide open and swept mostly clean. But lying on the ground there was this yellowing paper:

It is a little difficult to see in the photo, but the names of US states are engraved on this peculiar structure. And next to the yellowed image there was this symbol, printed on what looked like a postcard, of all things.

Secret Society of Immortals

Flyss once wrote of the “great migration of the immortals.” Have they left San Francisco too? Have they left all the states, or most of them?

Where have they gone? — Straterra

Wholesome practice in breaking and entering

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

OK, then, as soon as I can talk my instructor into it we’re going to San Francisco.

“What?” I can hear you saying. Not San Francisco. You must mean Santa Cruz.

Yeah, well, no. There’s a loose end in San Francisco I want to tie up first.

Remember how we found our way into investigating the San Francisco Veteran’s War Memorial? Glenn had left the following photo in a place only I could find it.

There are actually two loose ends here. One is the guy who appears four times in this photo. (Remember: Click on the photo to enlarge it. I can’t believe how often I have to say this.) I assume he’s a Hafeem as he’s obviously too old to be a True Immortal.

The other is the door at the end of the room. Having just stared in frustration at another door, it strikes me that I want to open this one find out what’s hidden behind it.

In this case, the door is safely hidden inside a building rather than right in the open like that other door. We can get practice sweeping for video cameras, picking locks, breaking and entering, all sorts of wholesome things.

Sound good to everyone? — Flyss

Visual Travelogue

Friday, July 16th, 2010

So when you’re planning to break into a locked door, you’re supposed to plan. Who knew?

As you may recall, Strattera and I have returned to San Francisco with our instructor Peter (“the Great”) to discover what, if anything, is hidden behind a certain locked door in the Veteran’s War Memorial.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be posting a visual travelogue of our progress. — Flyss

Travelogue 1: Veterans War Memorial

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Continued from my last post.

Here’s the Veteran’s War Memorial from the outside.

The UN Charter was signed in there, which, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, is an important fact. Currently, the building holds Herbst Theater, which a rather beautiful place. (Do Immortal conspirators like their furnishings fancy?)

The mirrored room is known to be beneath the theater, where it was once used as a cocktail bar. More recently, however, it has been locked and virtually forgotten. There’s not even a mention of it on the San Francisco Veterans War Memorial website.

We’ve discovered the door that leads down to it, but the door itself is off limits to the public. The security, however, is limited to a single, rather bored security guard who doesn’t even have any CCTV screens to help out.  (We’re starting with an easy job. Not yet ready to rob the Louvre.) 

Our instructor Peter rehearsed us in a dozen ways of getting down there. Some were quite violent, others benign but extremely technical. The method we actually employed was simple and direct. (continued in my next post) — Flyss

Travelogue 2: Into the Hall of Mirrors

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Continued from my last post.

The Veterans War Memorial is across from San Francisco City Hall.

Apparently, if you set off* a string of big firecrackers in a government building, the typical plain-vanilla security guard working the desk  in a boring old Veterans Memorial across the street will run to look out the window just like you and I would. And he’ll keep looking too as the volleys of police cars drive up.

While he was so engaged,we took a quick stroll down this short corridor:

and enter here:

(The door was locked, but we’d spent half the day picking an identical lock that protects mops in the Herbst Theater bathroom, so it was easy.

Down a short flight of steps, and there you are: in the famous mirrored room!

It looks like a Prohibition-era cocktail lounge, doesn’t it?  But the drawings on the wall include such people as Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, all famously claimed to be Illuminati. No wonder Glenn was interested in the place! But it seems to have been entirely abandoned by the immortal Illuminati.(Continued in my next post) — Flyss

*We used an  expensive professional quality delayed detonator to set off some garden variety M-80 firecrackers. I imagine this may leave the FBI a little confused.

Travelogue 3: Through the Door

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Continued from my last post.

In the mirrored room at last! Here’s another photo, facing the opposite way and showing the door in reflection. (You can just see my camera peeking out.)

And here’s a closeup of the door itself.

More photos here.

We were completely alone and undisturbed down there, hushed in the quiet beneath the empty auditorium. That was a good thing, because the lock on the door was tricky, especially since I wasn’t allowed to leave a single scratch. It took me nearly ten minutes.

And then we went in.

(Continued in my next post) — Flyss