Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Special Review Post

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Soraya, whose name we for a time deliberately miswrote as “Sollaya” is one of the major leaders of the Immortal Illuminati along with Alexandros. The “Immortality Symbol” belongs to her, and is used as part of the uniform of the para-military organization she runs, known as the Blue&blacks. She also has numerous connections with Japan, and may have passed for some time as a Japanese god. (Note, though the Eldest has an Asian appearance, she is an entirely different and much, much older Immortal.)

Two organizational hierarchies

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Great work! This potentially ties together several loose ends, and lets us draw the beginnings of two organizational hierarchies.

The Laughing One” is obviously no friend of Antipollus, considering the message he left in that third photo. Just as certainly, “The Servant” works for the blue&blacks, and is accepted as a messenger at those various facilities in the “off the map” area. However, the Bounty Hunter put a GPS tracker in The Servant’s car. Considering the first photo message, the blue&blacks follow the instructions of Antipollus. [Editor's note: We now know that they are actually servants of Soraya, and that Soraya works closely with Antipollus/Alexandros.] Hence, it is reasonable to guess that the Bounty Hunter is a servant of Laughing One, and that there is antagonism between the Laughing One/BH and Antipollus/Blue&black/Servant axis.

As far as a possible migration goes, I’m looking for direct evidence of that.  Of course, part of the value of being off the map would have been to allow such a migration to occur in secret. Where would they have gone? — Glenn

More on the message, and the symbol, and their connection.

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Some interesting new ideas both on that message and the blue&black symbol .

As you may recall, there are two theories, one pointing to Santa Clara County in California (as the “province” of the city that is sister city to Izumo) and the other pointing directly at Japan.

During her meeting with Flyss, the Eldest said, “Both friends and not friends live where the trees are cold, and old and soft and high.” That would certainly fit with the Santa Clara theory, as redwood trees are all of these, and they abound in that part of California.

On the other hand, the accumulation of Japanese motifs is considerable. As our reader Merlin pointed out, the symbol bears a clear resemblance to a Japanese hanging gong. More recently, another reader directed out attention to the Japanese religious structure called a Torii. Here is a famous example:

A Torii is placed at the entrance to Shinto shrines, and marks the transition from secular to sacred space. The similarity between a Torii and the blue&black symbol is clearer when one looks at a simple version, such as this one:

If you simply move down the second bar, or “tiepiece,” and put a gong in the middle of it, you have the shape of the symbol almost exactly:

Secret Society of Immortals

I find this all quite suggestive. Perhaps we can combine these two linkages into one: that an order or secret society of True Immortals called the “blue&blacks” migrated from Izumo, Japan to the vicinity of Santa Clara, California, bringing with them a symbol that combines the sacred Torii with a Japanese hanging gong.

Furthermore, it is perhaps not unrelated that Izumo has one of Japan’s most ancient Shinto shrines, supposedly built at the dawn of time by Ōkuninushi, when Japan was ruled from Izumo. What if Ōkuninushi was an Immortal? He would naturally be thought of as a god. And what if Ōkuninushi later left Japan for the New World, landing in California, and founded some habitation there, now calling himself Antipollus? [Note: It appears that the actual Immortal involved is a as a woman named Sollaya/Soraya. See the comments to this post, as well as full posts that will follow soon.] Perhaps the most recent migration from Oklahoma to California is a joining or linking up of two groups, those living underground in Oklahoma having a different origin, but linking up with Antipollus’ group? One can easily imagine that a dense redwood forest would be an ideal place to hide out from prying eyes. – Glenn

Full Recap on Laughing One

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Totally out of the blue, the mysterious person we’ve nicknamed “Laughing One” got in contact with us. Kate has already highlighted a few posts that illustrate his sense of humor. This is a full recap of our history with him.

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but the story is a bit complicated. I have to begin by backing up a ways. In late 2009, I had discovered a message hidden in the bitmap of a publicly available archival photo of Abraham Lincoln, stating: “3rd of the blue&black, meet at 0303etc. Antipollus.” This message was the beginning of our entire process of discovery, leading the discovery of what now appears to be a group of Immortals and their servants who call themselves “the blue&blacks.” This is a formidable secret society that takes itself very seriously, has considerable forces at its disposal, and may have historically played some of the roles incorrectly attributed by conspiracy theorists to the Illuminati.

Therefore, when we later found another message in a photo that parodies that one, we were astounded. It seemed impossible that someone could know of these hidden immortals, and yet mock them. Here is the text: “Firth of the Fist: meet at Froth of the Foot. Ox Adrenals.” Having considerable experience with anagrams, I immediately recognized “Ox Adrenals” as an anagram of the actual name we have been deliberately miswriting as “Antipollus,” and the remainder is clearly a joke. At first, we thought perhaps it was a joke one of us was playing on the the other, as we could not imagine anyone taking such an attitude toward this subject.  But the message turned out to be real.

Based on what she saw as a remarkable sense of humor, Kate nicknamed the author of this message, “Laughing One.”


Consider my arm twisted

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

HafeemYou’re a good arm twister, betcha no one ever told you that before.

About the uniforms: The group of Immortals who call themselves “The Illuminati” are run by a board of 12  members plus an occasional 13th. Most of them run their own large organization of mortals and Hafeems dressed up in special styles. “Sollaya” runs the “Blue&blacks.” You’ve met some of those friendly folks already. Whether it’s for ninja duty or going to the opera, they dress up in mostly black with a little blue, and have the letter “S” emblazoned somewhere, as well as the thingie you’re calling the  “Illuminati Symbol.” (I don’t know how they work it for skinny dipping, but it delectates the imagination to try and guess.) Members a group called the “red&whites” look like amped-up military police in bright red uniforms, white berets, white sashes around the necks and white armbands emblazoned with the letter “L.”  The “yellow&blacks” wear yellow jackets and trousers with black beaded trim and a  letter “B” embroidered in black on the back of their jackets. There are also green&golds, silver&oranges, just plain oranges (but no bananas) and eight other kinds. I know it sounds kinda ridiculous, but when you see them in action they don’t look so silly.

Now that I’ve answered your question so fulsomely, will you stop torturing the nice Oxadrenals and let me see those other photos, please?

Why we don’t just get along

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Stephen asked me to write a brief post explaining why my guys don’t get along with their guys (nor my gals with their gals, etc.), as it’s a subject in the background recently.

Basically, high minded as we try to be, Hafeems and True Immortals bump each other on the chins.  Not one-on-one. It’s happened a lot that a young True Immortal gets mentored by a Hafeem. But once True Immortals get pretty old they usually find us irritating pretenders; and we don’t like them much either because they never get wrinkles or nose hairs.

Not to be so flip, I’m in favor of physical immortality for all, they’re not and hence the problem. I’m doing some things to to get there the SENS foundation never dreamed of, and the upshot is that  I’m racing toward a head on collision with the Trueimms (God, they’d hate to be -called that, but a reader suggested it and I approve) when they step athwart my plans. This fall or winter at the latest the showdown starts.

Now, about a delicate subject: The Eldest, (blessed She) has not taken sides. To use her own words, she chooses to “hold the powers equal and let chance decide.” The one power is my group, the other power is Antipollus and his True Immortal Illuminati (with Sollaya and the Blue&blacks and bunches of others.) Truth be told, Antipollus is a hell of a lot stronger than me. (Smarter too, richer, wiser, cleverer, more perceptive … but I’m twice as handsome.) If he stepped in with all his might I’d be boot polish.

But the Eldest (blessed She) is stronger than either of us, and she’s holding us apart. In the mean time, we’re getting closer and close, and the pressure is building, and if she decides to stop maintaining the peace we will snap-to at war, with the hounds of hell baying and sniffing each other’s butts, and the cats of hell massing into vast cat herds, and also lots of shouting. And killing, and guns and nasty comments so hurtful they can never be taken back. Or worse. — Oxadrenals

The current balance of forces

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Continuing where Flyss left off.

Here’s my attempt at an analysis.

As we’ve noted in various posts, there has recently been a consolidation of True Immortal force in Santa Clara County, California. Some of these Trueimms have decamped from complex installations in the Midwest (including the tunnels shown in that link and these previously off-the-map “factories”) while others merely abandoned nearby garrisons in San Francisco, at the Veteran’s War Memorial.* The two known leaders of these True Immortals  are the individuals we are calling Antipollus and Sollaya.

The county of Santa Cruz abuts Santa Clara County in deep redwood forest along the ridge of the Santa Cruz mountains. This area appears to be more closely associated with a group of Hafeems allied with Oxadrenals.

The two groups appear to be in conflict. The True Immortals are more powerful, but another individual, yet more powerful still, is enforcing an armed peace. This is Yahahnna, called The Eldest.

A particular True Immortal,** “The Aussie,” owns property in Santa Cruz, via one of his ghost children. He does not seem to be allied with others of his kind. His property, however, links to an isolated rock on an isolated beach, and that rock contains a peculiar variation of the famous Illuminati eye and triangle.

Oxadrenals has told us the he hopes to soon find the current location of The Aussie. He also speaks of an event he calls The Big Show, due to occur in the fall of 2010 or the winter of 2011. This event is expected somehow to further the cause of physical immortality for Hafeems and mortals, and is also linked to the enmity between the groups.

The details, however, are obscured by the fog of future events. I believe that in order to unravel them, it may help begin analyzing some symbols. (Continued in my next post) — Straterra

* They may still have a certain brooding presence in San Francisco.

**He could be a Hafeem. But Oxadrenals informs us that he is aging too slowly for that.

Answering some questions

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Remember when Flyss met The Eldest?  One of the things Flyss heard her say is, ”I hold the powers equal and let chance decide.”

I have no idea everything she meant when she said it. But one thing I know she meant, because she told me so, is that she’s protecting The Immortality Project from Alexandros and Soraya with their blue&black militia and their red&white military police. That’s the only reason why the Immortal Illuminati haven’t shut us down. They have an army of suited up knife-throwing fire-eating lovelies ready to move in and protect us from ourselves, but the Eldest is holding the powers equal.

For now. Remember the part about “letting chance decide?” She means it. Any moment, if she wants, she can take back her protection.

As for defending our own selves from Alexandros and company: Well, don’t think see. It’s taking a lot of holding to make the powers equal.

On the one hand, they got armies.

Squaring off against them, we got nearsighted Joe on watch in the Crows Nest, a troupe of butt naked shock troops with their underarmor between their ankles, a set of bright new pennies in all the fuse boxes, and a brigade’s worth of smoke alarms unplugged.

That’ll show ‘em! — Oxadrenals

A visit from the Immortal Illuminati

Monday, September 13th, 2010

I had a visit today from a representative of the Immortal Illuminati. To tell you the truth, I was surprised by just how pleasant the experience was.

Based on Oxadrenals many descriptions, I had envisioned them as cold, hard and ruthless, a cold-hearted embodiment of the concept of “the ends justify the means.”

They may be all those things, but the visit itself was extremely pleasant. True, the middle-aged woman who knocked at my door and introduced herself as “a servant of the Immortal Soraya” possessed a detailed dossier on my life. But the Hafeem (as she proved to be) was sophisticated, intelligent and thoroughly charming. Once again I learn that there are more sides to every question than one might at first think.

Our conversations were wide-ranging. She had, among other things,read every word of our site, and was generous in her praise. The Immortal Illuminati, it would appear, have no intention of harming us, nor of shutting down TrueImmortals.

We are each being visited in person today. And, in the near future, we shall receive contributions to our site written by Soraya (though, as I understand, via an amanuensis.) — Kate


Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Greetings, friends. We, the Immortal “Illuminati” thank you for the gracious permission to speak here, and explain in our own voice what we seek to do, and why. I, Soraya, speak.

To begin, I must congratulate the authors of this “blog” on their investigations. They (and I must credit the sadly deceased Glenn especially) have discovered much that we had thought not discoverable. And yet, they have not flagrantly broached their discoveries, but have chastely and judiciously hidden that which would create for ourselves risk and threaten harm. This shows wisdom and prudence. Only of late have they strayed from this path, having set in motion a process that may reveal certain facts we do not wish revealed. Yet they did this for a reason we can profoundly understand: They wish immortality, and fear that we shall act to withhold it from them.

Alas, we feel that we cannot allay this fear, for it is true that we wish to prevent humanity at large from speedily becoming immortal. Slowly, yes, in gradual advancement of span of life, with time to learn and modify the habits of mortal life to fit the contours of the infinite. But not in one great leap, pray God. Months ago, the young Flyss herself foresaw the disaster, using these vivid words:

If people don’t die, earth’s population goes through the roof.  If you live forever, even a one-child policy like China has leads to crazy overpopulation. So what are we going to do, talk the whole world into not having kids? Never going to happen.  Will we just run out of resources so that everyone starves? Not going to happen either. The super rich and the super connected are going to get immortality first. And then they’re going to take control and make sure they and their family and their friends have whatever they need.

The brilliantly analytical mind of Stephen further explored the issue utilizing the new mathematical science known as “game theory,” and arrived at conclusions that we, with our long if unformalized experience of such matters, fully endorse. His thoughts are too richly detailed for me to quote, and I suggest following the linked thread of his analysis both forward and backwards from the point of access just provided. I would summarize what he says in brief as the risk of pre-emption by the more powerful newly immortal on behalf of themselves against the world.

Preemptive war is not, as some would think, a new invention. In my childhood, during the age you identify with the metal bronze, those rulers of cities who did not strike their neighbors early were struck by them an destroyed. Thus began the terrible, endless cycle of wars. The current text War in Human Civilization by Azar Gat (brought to my attention by Stephen) brilliantly exposits these patterns.

However, Stephen makes one error in his analysis: He supposes that we ourselves are at war with humanity, to preserve our own privilege. This I would deny. We have lived long enough to no longer value ourselves for our own sake, but have abstracted that sense of self-valuation onto the entire human world. We wish only good for the world; all that we do aims for that end; and though we are certainly capable of error, we have great wealth in experience. We think with all the profundity we are capable of before we act, and when we do intervene, we do so steeped in care and planning.

This is in contrast to the heartful, impulsive, well-intentioned but terribly, terribly unwise actions of the “incandescent” Oxadrenals. He is a man of great vitality and humor, but not, alas, one who has the temperament for making great decisions wisely.

Thus, we do indeed wish to suppress his Immortality Project, not for our own good but for the good of all.  We agree, however, with several of your readers, that this is unlikely. There are many obstacles.  But science has overcome so many obstacles, and produced so many unlikely results, that we must take precautions. And so we have. We are confident that if this disastrous project reaches the brink of success, The Eldest will remove her staying hand and allow us to save humanity from the great horror of universally available immortality.

There is more to say, but I have stretched the medium already. We understand that if the current series of narratives is allowed to be posted without interference, the automatic publication of more damaging narratives will not occur (via an intricate mechanism designed by Stephen, whose capacities in this regard we entirely respect.) Therefore, we shall not interfere. We ask only to see the entire text of each narrative before it is posted, so we can take protective actions if needed.

Thank you all, again, for permitting me this post. I shall answer questions if they are raised respectfully and with serious intent. – Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.


Routes to physical immortality

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Immortal Illuminati SymbolI, Soraya, think it appropriate to bring to a full post a discussion among readers that was carried on within comments, so that more can see it.

Readers had proposed various middle ways between mortality for almost all (the status quo) and immortality for almost all (the most radical alternative.) We concur.

We do understand and recognize that “indefinite life extension” will in time come to all the world. But, as we have discussed with certain members of the SENS foundation, it shall most naturally arrive gradually and in stages: the prevention or cure of this illness or that, the slowing of deterioration in the brain, the skin, the heart; a continued development, in other words, of the progress medicine has already made. We support such work. Such gradual development is most ideal.

As a second, less preferable, but nonetheless graduated path, we the elders might pick and choose worthy individuals to become fully immortal. The responsibility and burden of such choice would weigh heavy upon us, but we would bear that weight for the benefit of all.

In turn, such careworn deliberate limitation of immortality is vastly preferable to that which the project under discussion seeks to offer: wholesale immortality to all who wish it. For this would bring the terrors I have already mentioned.

Many have noted that this “immortality project” is unlikely to succeed. However, though our own first reaction is to agree, experience tells us not to underestimate “Oxadrenals.” For all his flaws, he is greatly gifted too. And, moreover, The Eldest has taken it upon herself to become involved, and to protect him. We sense this as an indication “luck” or “destiny” may be on Oxadrenals side, for it is chance/destiny/luck that The Eldest worships, and she may surely see that which we do not.

It was also noted by readers that there are other kinds of immortals than ourselves, and many arduous spiritual paths to immortality. This we too believe, and welcome as our brothers and sisters all immortalized through these paths. It is the mass effect we fear, not the elevation of the few and worthy. — Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.

Though she is a woman

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Though it is a woman speaking
Soraya’s voice is “patriarchal.*” The Elders
with their wisdom choose for us.

Like all elders, they conserve the past.

Patterns must not change, or if they must
the rate of change held back.

The settled course of mortal death must keep its sway for now,
and for tomorrow,
and only after the day after the day after tomorrow
may it begin to loose.

Elders always hold back change, and
perhaps they are wise to do so.

Or perhaps they are simply old and conservative.
Perhaps, like all elites, they are self-serving.

I do not know.
As a “progressive” I hold opposite ideas at once:

No patriarchy should command my life
Yet we should respect the wisdom of the aged.

It may be moot: Oxadrenals project may fail
But against all odds, I see it succeed
And tragedy — the unavoidable choice between two rights — arise.** — Kate

*Properly, “matriarchal,” I know, but if there was a time that a matriarchy ruled the world, it was before written history. That they would have been as oppressive as any patriarchy should go without saying! But I have no historical memory of matriarchal oppression, only patriarchal, and therefore I use the word above, even though as “Observer” points out, it’s not quite right.

King James Revision of Edgar Allen Poe

Monday, September 20th, 2010

The “opening quotation” of Narrative 4: The Hanger-On, is supposedly a quote from The Cask of Amontillado, by Edgar Allen Poe. But a close look shows that it is not the actual quotation at all, but a bizarrely altered version. The attribution explains the change: Supposedly,this is the “King James Revision” of the story!

God seems to be the narrator, rather than Montressor (the man bricking in Fortunado in the original.) From my reading, this appears to be a depiction of God bricking us in with mortality and taking credit  for giving us peace by killing us in the end. I read the “tiers” here as decades; we are supposed to imagine God blithely bricking us from the moment we are born. The victim (us, or Menniss) first notices what’s happening in his fifth decade, at which point he shakes his chains. God listens for a moment, and then goes on bricking. I supposed this means that we first notice we’re mortal in our 50′s. (That has certainly been the case for me.)

It’s a bizarre yet moving burlesque. We see here how beneath his humor Oxadrenals (for this has to be a product of that peculiar mind) is deeply serious.

But is he reliable? Can we trust him? Or would we in fact find greater security in the experienced, parental, aristocratic realpolitik of Soraya and the True Immortals?

I share the dilemma Kate speaks of.

Clearly Oxadrenals is trying to give us what we want. But is it what we need?

On the other hand, can we, in the modern world, allow an elite, no matter how wise, to choose for us and tell us what we can and cannot have? — Stephen

Clarification: The Eldest and Soraya

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Some readers have expressed confusion between Soraya and The Eldest. I am sure this is our fault. My apologies for leaving things unclear.

I suspect that one source of the confusion is that The Eldest was described as being Asian in appearance, and Soraya as having a connection with Japan. But there is no direct relationship between the two.

Soraya is the head of the Blue&blacks, and claims to be perhaps 8000 years old. The Eldest is much, much older; it is said that she dates back to the dawn of speech. That would be 50 – 100 thousand years ago. Soraya works closely with Alexandros.  The Eldest is a power unto herself. — Stephen

Not worthy

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Immortal Illuminati Symbol I have read that readers have mistaken me for the Eldest, I who am only Soraya. In all haste I must free them of this error.

I am not worthy to be considered in the same breath as that Great One! I am but a child beside her; incompetent, foolish, thoughtless and without power, lacking foresight or understanding, a breath, a vapor a trivial being of no substance or significance.

My profound apologies to Yahanna for having allowed any such misunderstanding to take place, even for an instant. SorayaSoraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.


Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Immortal Illuminati SymbolI,Soraya, respond here to questions posed by readers of this site.

C writes: “Your organization controls much of what is fed to the majority of humans emotionally and mentally speaking, so naturally there’s not much free will for them to think for themselves.” To this I answer: perhaps it would be better if we had such power. Perhaps the world would be a better place. Or, perhaps, our wisdom would fail, and we would cause more harm than we would cause good. But we have not that power. There are many gods in the world, and we are but one. There is the greatest god, that which the Eldest worships and serves: Chance, by others called God in contradistinction (but as we humans understand not the will of the creator, if there be one, nor experience as loving that which may be love divine and incomprehensible, there is no true difference in the namings.) There is the power of human governments, and of the rich and connected who run them. There is the frightening power of this new god called science, that changes all things, and called up into being at Alamogordo a terrible demon whose fire no being can survive. Science too it is that reads the letters of DNA, and may rewrite them. There is the god of culture, that, despite all attempts by other gods to control it, spirals on its own life. (To Kate I say, I have fought for 80 centuries to advance the position of women, and yet it was not my doing but that of brave mortal women who, via their suffering and will, moved the god to grant it.) There is now the new god Google, which we fear close to our fear of the nuclear demon. And many more. Yes, we have far seeing eyes and a strong fist, but we do not control all things. For example, we do not even know exactly where Oxadrenals’ underground lab is located (though we expect to discover that soon.)

C also asks “do you get bored of living life?” How can I? Humanity as a whole is a great, grand, willful, creative, unpredictable god; when young, with Alexandros at my side, I swore myself in that god’s service. Boredom, as one of your day might say, “is so not the problem.” :-) (Please excuse my attempt at current youthful idiom, if I have failed to grasp it properly.)

Merlin asks: “Can someone actually be born that many years before and still alive today and be young?” I say, yes, and no. In body I am young, and the Eldest just as young, despite the millennia of passage. A body is not a rock that crumbles but a renewing being. It need not end. That it does end is due to some god’s will, be it what you call Evolution, or the hand of a creature we know not of. That god sometimes applies not that will, and then there is no aging. A living thing could, why not, live longer than a star? (Though the Great God chance would surely end the being in time — I have known a woman eleven hundred centuries old to die when a great fire came and he could not hide.) But in mind I am not young; I am aged with my eight thousand years of burdened life.

Observer writes: “I wonder, were the Eldest here, what she would make of everyone considering themselves to be insignificant trifles compared to her?” I would not presume to guess what she thinks, but she does not act as if anything or anyone is insignificant. To sit at her feel is to feel for a moment as if no one but yourself exists in all the world, or has ever existed. And though for her all mortal lives pass in a moment’s time, she gives out her love freely to mortal beings, involves them in her actions, befriends, protects, helps and hurts them, loves with compassion or with lust, as friend, mother, sister, lover or executioner according to the promptings of her own soul. That she has given Janice a great role in the drama you are reading is in keeping with what I have seen her do all my life. And I who am one of the greatest powers of the world she may hold no more worthy than an infant she might meet, even an infant sick from conception whose birth is shortly its death. So it is I that regard myself as nothing next to her, not that she thinks so, nor that she judges by longevity, but that in her presence I feel as nothing.– Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.

SonataH writes: (in response to my welcome to other types of immortals) “Not all wish to be welcomed.” To which I respond: Our welcome requires no response. You are welcome to your utter privacy, your indifference, even your private hostility. We understand and accept. It is only in the face of actual threats against us that we would withdraw the welcome, and show another side of ourselves.

Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.


Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Immortal Illuminati SymbolI Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati, respond here to complaints registered by one reader, and questions posed by others.

To “Merlin,”who asks about the religious beliefs of the Immortals.

Religions are like fashions: they change so fast it’s impossible to keep up. (more…)

How can I defend myself?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati, will attempt to answer a terrible question: “How can I defend myself?

A priest of the Temple of the Clouds (whose great gong is shown above) saw in vision a path to save tens of millions of lives: He must kill Hideki Tojo, else Tojo attack America and start a terrible war.

Tojo had not yet been born.

The priest was Buddhist, a man devoted to compassion. He had vowed to serve all sentient beings. His visions were never wrong.

He vowed to kill Tojo.

On the same single night, the pregnant mother of Hideki saw in vision that a man would try to kill her infant son. She called upon a Buddhist priest to pray for her son. That man lived at the Temple of the Clouds. He was the brother of the first man.

That second priest saw in vision that if Tojo died, Japan would not attack America; that if Japan did not attack America, America would not defend the world from a greater evil; and that if America did not defend the world, hundreds of millions would die. His visions were never wrong.

He vowed to watch over the infant.

His brother came. He tried to save the child without harming his beloved brother, but he could not. He killed his brother, but Tojo lived.

Which man was right, the brother-murderer or the infant-slayer? The one who knows, let that man judge me. Soraya

No escaping this crucifixion

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Immortal Illuminati SymbolI Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati, address additional questions.

SonataH writes “Both brothers were right, both believed that by performing a lesser evil, a greater evil would be stopped.” Thank you. Yet, when has one the true right to trust what one believes to be true? One is never certain. Yet, has one the true right to not act on what one believes to be true? Those who take any responsibility, be it small or be it great, must face these immortal issues. Those who take no responsibility are responsible for their inaction. There is no escaping this crucifixion. (more…)