“Illuminati Symbol”

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Special Review Post

Friday, January 1st, 2010

The “Illuminati Symbol,” as we have called it on this site, is in fact the symbol of a single (though very powerful) branch of the Immortal Illuminati headed by Soraya.

“Illuminati Symbols”

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Here are several forms of the recurrent “Illuminati”-associated symbol I referred to in my last post. (Larger versions on this page.)

This version occurs most frequently, accounting for over 70% of the instances:

Secret Society of Immortals Symbol

This second version accounts for most of the remaining:

Immortal Illuminati Symbol

This final variation appears only once, but seems to have been minimally Photoshopped, unlike the others.

Immortal Illuminati Symbol

– Stephen

Blue and Black

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Blue and black. — Kate

I suspect you’re right.

Monday, April 26th, 2010

I had the same thought. However, this obviously relevant symbol doesn’t appear anywhere on that particular woman’s clothes. There are other wrinkles too. Let me think about it a bit. — Glenn

What does it mean — and how much of it can be trusted?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I’ve been musing on the meaning of the Illuminati symbols Stephen found. Their colors certainly suggest a relationship to the expression “blue&black,” found in the hex code of that archival Lincoln photo. However, we have to keep in mind that the symbols were found in encrypted messages left us by someone with a whimsical sense of humor, and who himself said that only half of what he’d given us is true.*

Also, these symbols are obviously Photoshopped, as Stephen notes. They don’t show real glass. So what are they? Perhaps The Laughing Ones attempt to render something he’s seen or heard about.  One can easily believe that a secret society might have a token like this, used for recognition purposes in ceremonies. The shape, reminiscent of a pi symbol with a disc in the middle, is certainly iconic. I’ve found myself scribbling it compulsively.

The original possesses additional other details, especially visible in the least Photoshopped version:

Immortal Illuminati Icon

The central disk is metal, while the frame or container is of rough-hewn wood. The Masons use a similar emblem. Notice also the faint cross visible on the back of the disk, reminiscent of standard Rosicrucian symbologism. Finally, the wood “frame” is assymetrical, the left leg thicker than the right, and with its notch set lower down. This suggests two suborders within the whole.  Thus, the blue and the black portions of the design may represent the classic Egyptian unequal partners of Night and Water.

In other words, it is not at all certain that this design has anything to do with the third ranked member of a group called the blue&black as referenced in the Lincoln photo’s hex code. (“3rd of the blue&black.”) Moreover, it is certainly not the case that the woman in a black dress with blue trim I glimpsed at Antietam wore this symbol visibly on her; nor did she have it on (despite again wearing blue and black) when Flyss caught caught her on camera in the tunnel.

Nonetheless, we are looking for photographs of people wearing what looks like embroidery, amulets or jewelery in this “pi and disc” shape.  We would expect to find this perhaps on crowd photographs taken in the 19th century, when photography was still so new that perhaps the Illuminati did not yet realize the risk. If we can find such a person, then we will have evidence that the “pi and disc” symbol is real.  More than that, we will then have a face to look for in the present.  –Glenn

* Hopefully, when it comes to Photoshopped symbols, the Laughing One used up his sense of humor with this:

If you click on it to enlarge it, and then rotate it 90 degrees to the right, you’ll see that there’s a cell phone tower in the “glass.”

What lives after people live?

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

We are looking for a sign / worn on the person of  a person

long ago.

We reach for photographs / the form we know.

And have forgotten the other way to see / what people wore. — Kate

Great Point!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Kate has a great point. In a previous post, I suggested that we might comb photos for occurrences of the pi and disc symbol. But why am I stuck on photos?  What about objects in museums, like clothing or jewelry? It’s certainly possible that an object marked with that secret symbol might have survived physically. Or what about architecture?  Could it be built into the form of any building? Into a fresco? Has it been talked about or even drawn in occult literature?

A lot of good directions to go. — Glenn

Help from Readers

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Glenn, yes there are lots of directions to go. Too many for just us four.  I don’t want to start flying around and sneaking into museums with my snuggly hidden camera. Why don’t we ask for help from our readers? Hey guys and gals, the ones who are emailing us or writing comments, have you ever seen this symbol anywhere?

Immortal Illuminati Icon

There are fancier versions on this page. Important note: The symbol should be colored blue, or black, or both.

It might be on clothes or jewelry in a museum. Or used in the shape of a building. If this rings a bell, or if you can dig anything up, please, please email us at prescreen@trueimmortals.net. Help wanted!– Flyss

That was quick!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

That was quick.  Yesterday, I asked for help from our readers, and I’ve already had three possible  pi and disc” symbols sent in.

The first is Michelangelo’s design for a square in Rome (the reader added the red highlight.) It didn’t get built for some reason.  Maybe we know the reason?

Illuminati Symbol

This next one is a public sculpture in Santa Cruz, California. I have to admit it kind of does remind me of the symbol.  But it’s not the right colors.  (The symbol we’re looking for is colored blue and black.)

Illuminati Symbol

The third one is medieval Iranian jewelry. It’s kind of like the right shape, but again the color is all wrong.

Thanks for all the help.  – Flyss

That’s the problem.

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

I think those responses show the problem.  If one looks for a symbol, they show up everywhere.  See, for example, these external posts. I’m having the same problem with my symbol-aided photo identification project. I’m no longer convinced I’ve really found anything other than the human ability to see what we expect to see.

For example, here’s an image of a piece of 15th century Florentine fabric. I’ve done nothing to alter the online image at all — if you don’t believe me, visit the site where it’s on sale.

It’s easy enough to see the”Illuminati symbol” in it. But is it real? – Stephen

P.S.  If you need some help finding it, look after the fold.


The evidence of a reader

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I understand your skepticism about seeing symbols everywhere. However, I’m fairly impressed with the the Illuminati symbol on that Florentine cloth. It doesn’t look at all imaginary to me. And there’s also the evidence of our reader, Strattera, who sent us that image of the pot shard he found during the first Gulf War. I quote from his comment on Stephen’s April 25th posting:

“I know that symbol. And I don’t know how you guys know about it.

It’s on an object I found in the sand while serving in the first Gulf War. This was when we came to a stop and weren’t OK’d to move on Baghdad. We were stuck in place for months, and had to dig trenches, etc., where lots of us found pot shards. We had archaeologists on staff to make sure we didn’t bring home any important antiquities. My particular souvenir was supposedly just junk, only three or four hundred years old, and the symbol drawn on it according to the archaelogist didn’t mean anything. Just something the potter had doodled on the pot. I had it checked by someone at the British museum later, and he’d never seen it either.”

He sent me an image of the pot itself, and I’d have to say, it looks exactly like the symbol to me. Flyss?  Kate? (Sorry, can’t post it here.) — Glenn

Fascinating infrastructure

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Amazing information in your last eight posts, Flyss! It boggles the mind to think what infrastructure they have to be able to field so many agents in public, and not be observed. They must have fingers into every level of government, from the city on up, as well as controlling the media and probably the street gangs too.

I notice in a comment where you say you think this “Yahahnna” knows about our blog. I also assume that’s what she means by “your world that is not in the world.” Probably, she has access to the NSA, and all those levels of government.

On another note, have you followed the thread that leads to Japan? Inspired by our reader Merlin, I found numerous examples of Japanese gongs online that look much like our symbol, such as this one:

The difference here, though, is that this gong, like all others I’ve found, is held from above only, whereas in the symbol it’s held from the side as well:

Secret Society of Immortals

If we could find a gong of this design, we might be well on our way to picking up a new trail. I wonder if you’d consider going to Izumo to see if you find any examples there. – Glenn

P.S. Or, if any readers are near Izumo, and can look for a gong that matches our “illuminati symbol,” that would be tremendously helpful.

More on the message, and the symbol, and their connection.

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Some interesting new ideas both on that message and the blue&black symbol .

As you may recall, there are two theories, one pointing to Santa Clara County in California (as the “province” of the city that is sister city to Izumo) and the other pointing directly at Japan.

During her meeting with Flyss, the Eldest said, “Both friends and not friends live where the trees are cold, and old and soft and high.” That would certainly fit with the Santa Clara theory, as redwood trees are all of these, and they abound in that part of California.

On the other hand, the accumulation of Japanese motifs is considerable. As our reader Merlin pointed out, the symbol bears a clear resemblance to a Japanese hanging gong. More recently, another reader directed out attention to the Japanese religious structure called a Torii. Here is a famous example:

A Torii is placed at the entrance to Shinto shrines, and marks the transition from secular to sacred space. The similarity between a Torii and the blue&black symbol is clearer when one looks at a simple version, such as this one:

If you simply move down the second bar, or “tiepiece,” and put a gong in the middle of it, you have the shape of the symbol almost exactly:

Secret Society of Immortals

I find this all quite suggestive. Perhaps we can combine these two linkages into one: that an order or secret society of True Immortals called the “blue&blacks” migrated from Izumo, Japan to the vicinity of Santa Clara, California, bringing with them a symbol that combines the sacred Torii with a Japanese hanging gong.

Furthermore, it is perhaps not unrelated that Izumo has one of Japan’s most ancient Shinto shrines, supposedly built at the dawn of time by Ōkuninushi, when Japan was ruled from Izumo. What if Ōkuninushi was an Immortal? He would naturally be thought of as a god. And what if Ōkuninushi later left Japan for the New World, landing in California, and founded some habitation there, now calling himself Antipollus? [Note: It appears that the actual Immortal involved is a as a woman named Sollaya/Soraya. See the comments to this post, as well as full posts that will follow soon.] Perhaps the most recent migration from Oklahoma to California is a joining or linking up of two groups, those living underground in Oklahoma having a different origin, but linking up with Antipollus’ group? One can easily imagine that a dense redwood forest would be an ideal place to hide out from prying eyes. – Glenn

Consider my arm twisted

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

HafeemYou’re a good arm twister, betcha no one ever told you that before.

About the uniforms: The group of Immortals who call themselves “The Illuminati” are run by a board of 12  members plus an occasional 13th. Most of them run their own large organization of mortals and Hafeems dressed up in special styles. “Sollaya” runs the “Blue&blacks.” You’ve met some of those friendly folks already. Whether it’s for ninja duty or going to the opera, they dress up in mostly black with a little blue, and have the letter “S” emblazoned somewhere, as well as the thingie you’re calling the  “Illuminati Symbol.” (I don’t know how they work it for skinny dipping, but it delectates the imagination to try and guess.) Members a group called the “red&whites” look like amped-up military police in bright red uniforms, white berets, white sashes around the necks and white armbands emblazoned with the letter “L.”  The “yellow&blacks” wear yellow jackets and trousers with black beaded trim and a  letter “B” embroidered in black on the back of their jackets. There are also green&golds, silver&oranges, just plain oranges (but no bananas) and eight other kinds. I know it sounds kinda ridiculous, but when you see them in action they don’t look so silly.

Now that I’ve answered your question so fulsomely, will you stop torturing the nice Oxadrenals and let me see those other photos, please?

The Illuminati Symbol: A New Level of Understanding

Friday, July 30th, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, it seems useful now to spend some time analyzing symbols. This is not my field of expertise; it was Glenn’s. Now, we have no experts on the subject, and my ignorance is worth listening to as much as anyone else’s, I suppose. We welcome outside input!

This thread begins a comprehensive analysis of what we have called the “Illuminati Symbol,” used as an emblem and a calling card by a major group of True Immortals known as the blue&blacks. Here is one version of what it looks like:

Glenn give his analysis of it here. This is an excerpt:

The central disk is metal, while the frame or container is of rough-hewn wood. The Masons use a similar emblem. Notice also the faint cross visible on the back of the disk, reminiscent of standard Rosicrucian symbology. Finally, the wood “frame” is asymmetrical, the left leg thicker than the right, and with its notch set lower down. This suggests two suborders within the whole.  Thus, the blue and the black portions of the design may represent the classic Egyptian unequal partners of Night and Water.

However, later, based on comments by several readers, we began to also consider Japanese connections to the symbol. In particular, we had studied connections to the Shinto Torii motif,

as well as to the classic Japanese Hanging Gong:

I would invite you to read this important post for details on those two comparisons.

However, last week another reader, “JD,” took this analysis to an entirely new level. His brilliant and scholarly analysis has now provided us an entirely new level of insight into the meanings of the symbol. What he has to say is so detailed and impressive that we have asked him to write a full guest post in which to lay out his ideas. Thank you, JD. — Strattera

Guest Post: Analysis of the Illuminati Symbol

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Thank you for inviting me onto your site. I hope what I write here is helpful.

I was reflecting on the Illuminati blue&black symbol, pictured here:

The more I thought about it, the more I was reminded of certain characters in Kanji. (Kanji is one of the three types of Japanese writing.) Certain Kanji characters that look like the symbol also have meanings that relate to it.

For example, the Kanji pictured below means circle or ring:

It is different from the Illuminati symbol only in that the latter has a circle in the center, as this schematic drawing shows:

Perhaps the added circle is intended to emphasize the meaning  that the kanji already has.

This second Kanji also resembles an additional horizontal line near the top.  It’s meaning is circumference.

It is therefore a little remarkable that the Illuminati symbol also resembles pi, the constant used to compute the circumference of a circle!

This next Kanji is similar to the others, but lacks the middle vertical line. It means same/similar or together.

My final example has an additional horizontal line at the bottom.  It means solid, solidify or strength.

So, taken all together, these Kanji seem to bring together the concept of a circle and a sense of solidarity and strength.

And what is a circle? Consider the ouroboros, a symbol used by the alchemists.

Alchemists are remembered today for wanting to turn lead into gold.  But in reality their true goal was to achieve Immortality by means of the elixir of life or the philosopher’s stone. And the ouroboros represents the destruction of death by perpetual self sustenance and regeneration.

In other words, the Illuminati symbol carries the meaning of “a strong union of those devoted to immortality.” What better emblem could there be for a powerful secret society of Immortals? — JD

Symbol in the structure?

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Continuing my last post.

Here’s a closeup of the part of the power plant where Speed Demon stood and looked for several minutes.

Perhaps I’m imagining things, but here’s what I see when I look at it:

Compare to this symbol, seen on the face of a significantly located rock in Santa Cruz:

Admittedly, they are far from exactly the same. Nonetheless, there is a triangle, and eye and a snake. (Or, in the power plant, two embedded triangles.

Again, maybe this is nothing at all. But Speed Demon distinctly stood and stared into the intricate power plant structure at the point shown above. At the very least it makes one wonder how much in the way of symbolism and message is hidden in plain sight among the things of the world we pass by. — Strattera

Agent of the blue&black

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

I mentioned in my last post that we are now seeing increasing involvement of the blue&blacks in the vicinity of DIA prior to the arrival of a new “ghost child,” apparently serving as backup for the red&white organization.

I showed a photo of one of the many blue/black helicopters we’ve observed. Now, I wish to post an image of a person.

The photograph below was taken in San Francisco, when Flyss and I were out there investigating the Veteran’s War Memorial.

Blue and black

We actually didn’t identify him as anyone important until more than a month later, when we’d had time to go carefully through images we taken in SF. The photo above enlarges if you click on it, and the symbol is visible if you look closely at his blue coat on the left side, just beneath the button.

Here’s a cropped, blown up view:

(Again, click on the image to enlarge it.) If you still find the symbol difficult to see, here is a Photoshop-enhanced version of the above. The symbol (or the half of it that is visible) is inside the white rectangle.

You can understand why we didn’t notice this immediately.

Obviously, the man pictured here is not a True Immortal, but is instead a Hafeem or an ordinary mortal. But he is clearly a blue&black. And he’s currently present at DIA. He seems to be the only blue&black present, which is why I suggested that he’s functioning in a liason capacity.

Clearly, the Immortal Illuminati value the person who is imminently arriving.
Flyss will pick up the thread now. — Strattera