The Servant

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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Travelogue: following a car the BH’s following

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

As I was saying, I spent about a hundred hours cruising everywhere the BH had been until I found a car he’d tagged with one of his GPS trackers. I stuck one of my own GPS trackers under the same car.  Here’s a travelogue of some of the places I saw when I drove in the tire treads of whomever it was the BH was following.

(And, yes, the photographs have been photoshopped. I don’t want to give away exactly where this is.)

First he goes under this messy bridge,

and on the other side these everyday flames leap up,

which turn out to come from this standard whatever-it-is.

This part of Oklahoma is a little bit interesting all on its own. Remember the dish, and the chemical factory? They’re not more than  fifty miles off.  But what comes next is creepy.  (continued in the next post.) — Flyss

Dark Underpasses

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

After visiting the factories (or whatever they are) I described in my last post, our guy [editor: subsequently named "The Servant"] parked for almost 12 hours near this set of freeway overpasses.

Illuminati Tunnel Complex

It’s the middle of nowhere. There was the occasional car on the road, but no one at all walking on the walkway you can see on the far right.  That’s not too surprising as it’s a dead end.

Having nearly gotten myself caught the other day because I wasn’t careful, this time I waited a 48 hours after he’d left the area before I checked it out. I couldn’t figure out what he’d done with himself the whole time.  There’s nothing there.  Here’s a view from a little lower down:

Upward from Illuminati Tunnel Complex

The walkway I mentioned goes under the lowest level in the photo above. I crossed over, climbed down, and took this next shot:

Ordinarily, a walkway is for walking from here to there, but like I mentioned, this one is a dead end. Probably it once went through to the other side of the freeway, but these days it’s blocked off by a concrete wall (hidden in the shadows at the far end of the photo.) I walked down there, but it was creepy as heck, and I only stayed long enough to snap a single shot.

It’s not entirely a dead end.  This welcoming pitch-black tunnel branches off to the right:

I wasn’t crazy enough to go down it. I didn’t even have the guts to stick around long enough to take a clear photo. Instead, I snapped once and ran out.

From up top, I peered down through gratings to see if I could spot the catwalk you can just barely see at the top of the tunnel photo. (Trust me, it’s a catwalk.)  But I couldn’t  find it. The area is an amazing  jumble of overpasses going in all kinds of directions, and I couldn’t tell where I was. I did find the following, though, visible through a hole in a broken wall.

I think the lamp might be the source of the dim light coming down from above the catwalk.  But what are those things above the lamp?  Air vents for an underground cavern? What did the BH’s quarry do there for 12 hours? Did he go down that tunnel? I have to think he did.  There’s  nowhere else to go from there.

I’m far away now, and in a different car that I don’t think can possibly be connected to the one I was driving before. I don’t plan on going back to that place again.

But I stuck a remote camera in a strategic spot on the ceiling of that walkway.  – Flyss

Remote camera comes through

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

As I’d mentioned, I planted a remote camera near that tunnel beneath the overpasses. Well it came through.

In the following photo, I’ve deliberately blurred the two people.  But I sent the unblurred version to Glenn.  I’ll let him comment on who they are.

Two Immortal Illuminati– Flyss

Ventilation Cones?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The GPS tracker I placed beside the BH’s GPS tracker in an unknown third party’s car is still working.  After visiting that tunnel beneath the freeway where we later saw the two Immortals, I don’t have the guts to check out in detail any of the places where it goes.  But I don’t mind driving down an interstate (or its frontage road) and snapping photos.

This one is of a place he parked in.

Notice the cones.  Again, are these ventilators for an underground space? — Flyss

In case you’re wondering

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

In case you’re wondering, we’ve of course attempted to identify Flyss’ “unknown third party.” However, it appears that the car is registered to someone who’s currently living in London (and has been seen there.) As for whom the actual person driving the car is, we have no idea.  We’ve considered setting up a situation where a policeman would stop the person and demand ID, while we had the policeman bugged.  However, this all seems too risky, as we have no idea to what extent the police in that area under the control of the Illuminati. –Glenn

What the guy’s been doing.

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Well, this is interesting.

But first, I have to name the guy who did the interesting thing, rather than just always saying, the person whose car the Bounty Hunter stuck a GPS tracker on, which inspired me to stick my own GPS tracker on also, after I lost track of the BH himself due to my own screwup, and who then went to visit a set of freeway overpasses that may or may not have an underground world beneath them.”

Our fella dresses in a black uniform, which makes him look like a cop, but he has a blue letter “S” embroidered on the back, and — OK, I hate to admit it — one of those Illuminati symbols embroidered in blue on the left sleeve. My guess is that he’s more a servant than a master, partly because  he doesn’t have any swagger, hardly, and he’s a little stoop shouldered. He’s also going off on errands all over the place, and he looks like an errand boy when he arrives, knocking at the door and standing humbly by. So maybe the “S” stands for “servant,” unless it’s the initial of the person he serves. In either case, “The Servant” seems like a good enough name, and that’s what I plan to use.

In my next post, what  I saw The Servant do. — Flyss

Closing up shop?

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

That fellow I’ve decided to call The Servant has been busy lately. He’s visited pretty much every off-the-map spot I’ve come across.  And, you know what, most of them aren’t off the map any more. You can see them plain as day on Google Earth, too.

I drove by one of the previously secret factories, and it looks the same, except the armed guards are gone. How much do you want to bet everyone important has left and they’re closing up shop?

Best of all, the remote camera I left in place beneath the underpasses showed a bunch of people in orange clothes tramp down to the underground tunnel with all kinds of equipment, like cement mixers, and come marching out about six hours later.  I’m going to wait a bit, and then go check on the tunnel to see if it’s changed any. — Flyss [thread continued in this post)

Two organizational hierarchies

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Great work! This potentially ties together several loose ends, and lets us draw the beginnings of two organizational hierarchies.

The Laughing One” is obviously no friend of Antipollus, considering the message he left in that third photo. Just as certainly, “The Servant” works for the blue&blacks, and is accepted as a messenger at those various facilities in the “off the map” area. However, the Bounty Hunter put a GPS tracker in The Servant’s car. Considering the first photo message, the blue&blacks follow the instructions of Antipollus. [Editor's note: We now know that they are actually servants of Soraya, and that Soraya works closely with Antipollus/Alexandros.] Hence, it is reasonable to guess that the Bounty Hunter is a servant of Laughing One, and that there is antagonism between the Laughing One/BH and Antipollus/Blue&black/Servant axis.

As far as a possible migration goes, I’m looking for direct evidence of that.  Of course, part of the value of being off the map would have been to allow such a migration to occur in secret. Where would they have gone? — Glenn

Temporary Kidnapping?

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

I’m not at all sure what I just watched. It was a strange kind of temporary kidnapping.

As you may remember, I rediscovered our friend the Bounty Hunter coming out of this office building:

Immortal Seeker

According to the GPS detector I have in his car, the fellow I nicknamed The Servant has been conducting surveillance on the site on and off for two weeks. I think the BH has been living there. Tonight, he ventured out to visit a kind of classy bar.  Having  been burned last time, I didn’t try to get up close and personal, but parked a block away and watched with binoculars. This is what I saw. I don’t get it.

Around ten at night, the BH comes out of the bar into this alley (which I took a photo of afterwards, not at the time):

Bounty Hunter Kidnapping

As he comes out, a blond woman in her late twenties starts talking to him. He looks a little interested, not terribly. They don’t stand all that close. But she has his attention. Then he slumps and looks like he’s going to fall. He’s a big guy, and she’s not, but she catches him and holds him up. Seconds later — and I mean seconds — an ambulance pulls up and official looking EMTs haul him in.  Naturally, I follow the ambulance, from a heavily discrete distance.

The ambulance drives around for about fifteen minutes and then pulls off into what looks like a totally unused parking garage. I don’t see what happens inside, but a black Mercedes SUV a lot like the BH’s own pulls out so quickly afterwards I happily abandon the ambulance and follow it instead. It drives back to the bar, and two guys in suits manhandle the BH out of the Mercedes right back to where he was standing before. The young blond lady comes out of the car and takes her same position too.

He’s slumping, but then he unslumps when(I think) one of the guys stabs him with something. They talk for about thirty seconds and then he leaves her and gets back in his own Mercedes and drives home.

My impression is that he didn’t even know any time had passed!

Keep in mind this guy is ex-CIA, ex-MI-5, all that. He’s not an easy target.  I think they kidnapped him to do some kind of medical procedure, and he didn’t even know it happened. Did they implant a bomb? A GPS tracker? A bug? A mind-controlling device? Or just give him a flu shot? What the heck? — Flyss