Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

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It must be getting far harder for them

Monday, March 1st, 2010

There are many theories on why Napoleon invented international identity papers. It is commonly stated by historians that he did so to better manage his “police state,” but these are primarily British historians.  Personally, I believe he believed he needed them to control the Freemasons and other such societies from pre-revolutionary France. Regardless, it dawns on me that the universal adoption of this invention must have made life much more difficult for Immortals.  In prior years, all they’d have had to do was move far enough away so that no one would recognize them, and remain away until no who could identify them was left alive. (True, they could move somewhere where identity papers were not yet used, but these would be less civilized and therefore more dangerous places.)

The invention of photography and fingerprinting would have complicated things immensely more.  And today, with biometric screening on its way, their room to maneuver is practically gone.

If I had access to the NSA (or to one of the organizations that controls the NSA, such as the branch of the FDL codenamed “Majestic 12 “) I could use their technology to sift all the Immortals in the world.  However, there may be other means available for a mere common citizen such as myself. If they ever get passports or drivers licenses, this would place their photos on record.  What about running a comparative search of faces on public record?  Stephen: Is there software good enough to automate that?– Glenn

It couldn’t be a secret

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Whatever that dish is, it can’t be a secret.  Not in these days of Google Earth.

I can easily imagine immortal people creating secret places to hide.  It would only make sense for them to do so.  Otherwise, they’d have to change identities every fifteen years or so, and, as Glenn points out, that must have become progressively more difficult in recent times. I can even imagine that they live in subterranean tunnels, providing (perhaps) a rational origin for cult theories about underground Illuminati. And, certainly, hiding in a less-traveled area like rural Oklahoma would only make sense. But they wouldn’t signal their secret locations by placing giant domes on top. — Stephen

Health Care Reform

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Health care reform just passed.  The conspiracy theory world sees this as a stage on the way to the New World Order.  Does our new understanding that the Illuminati are Immortals help us understand this event better? How does health care reform serve their ends?  – Glenn

Dreaming of

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Dreaming of one who sees / his senility coming

Not over decades merely / but dragging on

Into centuries of helplessness. / An almost-immortal body

Edging by inches over the miles to death.

And he is friendless /Having spent a life in hiding.

Though, had he friends /He must needs trust unto generations.

How to plan?  To prepare? To make safe?

If he knew of another like himself  / but he does not.

Therefore, he employs banking houses.

He buys food / He digs tunnels

He crawls underground like a dog crawling into the bushes to die.

And hides there for a hundred years.  – Kate

Ghastly image

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

That’s a truly ghastly image, Kate, of a Hafeem preparing for his own helplessness.  It’s terrible even to think about.

And what did the BH do to him? — Stephen

Surviving into the present

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

I’ve been trying to work out how a recent historical figure such as FDR could survive into the present as a Hafeem.  It’s especially difficult to imagine for one who’s childhood is so well attested to.

However, it bears considering what one would have to do to survive as either a Hafeem or a (for lack of a better word) an absolute immortal living in recent society. Unless one were to live out one’s  life forever underground, one would have no choice but to play complicated identity games.  And since person in hiding needs to obtain supplies, etc., an Immortal attempting it would always stand in danger of being found out.  It might actually be safer to hide in plain sight by passing oneself off as an ordinary person.

Still, to live in public would require a mind boggling set of tricks.  Would one, perhaps, register a social security number for a person who doesn’t really exist, create a trail of attendance at schools (though without photos), and then step into that person’s shoes when their age of record matched up with one’s apparent age? One would have to create whole batches of such people, so that one could switch from one to the other when one was no longer believably the right age for the person one was supposed to be, as well as to have spare identities for use when something went wrong.

This wouldn’t be possible at all post-Internet, I don’t think, but up until recently, it might very well have been.

Then too, one might use disguises, not only to stretch the period of plausible matchup with a normally aging person, but also what about disguising oneself to look plausibly like the relative of someone? Or, like that person themselves?

One might use body doubles.  One might set up situations in which one would have a plausible reason for never quite showing oneself in public.

For example, suppose one  were a crippled President who didn’t want to be seen as physically weak, and who had no lovers nor intimate friends, nor ever appeared naked even to servants or (perhaps) doctors?

This would work even better if a small group of Hafeems or absolute immortals were to help each other out, do-se-do-ing through history, serving as each other’s alibi.

What about that contemporary of FDR, so famously hypothesized to be an Illuminatus: Winston Churchill? — Glenn

(Thread continued in this post.)

Further thoughts

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

To continue from my last post … several thoughts.

For one, is the person we call “The Aussie a “full” immortal, eg. with aging clock shut down, or is he a Hafeem, with aging clock slowed? After all, he lives in public, even if others are perhaps living in hiding somewhere.

For that matter, how would he know which group he belongs to?  If one were to have a lifespan of 1000 years after maturity, it might take 100 or more years before one noticed any evidence of aging in oneself.

On the other hand, maybe for a “new” immortal (eg., someone who has just discovered he or she isn’t aging) it takes time to sink in, and only become supremely cautious over time.

In any case, we don’t that we’ve identified any “fully immortal” immortals, in the sense of those who don’t age at all. The material Glenn and I have been decoding refers to them, and I am willing to believe they exist.  But we would have to have evidence of someone failing to age over centuries before we’d know.  More than centuries, perhaps, if the Hafeem’s life span is, say, 5000 years, rather than infinite. — Stephen

P.S.  Based on the above, I think we need to make two separate categories and subcategories for “From Their Perspective,” as the cases of “full immortal” and Hafeem are different.   I’ll work on that.

PPS. The encoded material calls people in the former category “True Immortals,” which is a little inconvenient considering that it’s the name of this website (and we’re interested in Hafeems too) but I suppose we should utilize it anyway.

Putting things together

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

I’ve been thinking back, and trying to put things together.

I summarized some of the story a while back in this post. But there are other parts I left out, and that have been left out of this blog for a while.

For one, consider that that whole episode of the dish Flyss found while trailing the Bounty Hunter.  He traveled 300 miles to park nearby it for only an hour. When she parked in the same area (after he’d gone) she was warned off in a bizarre way: She heard sounds of helicopters approaching, and naturally thought of black helicopters. But when she got out of the car to look, it turned out they were coming from two boom boxes.  It’s so strange a joke that we recognize the signature of the person we call the Laughing One, a person who knows about immortals and mocks them. It’s still a warning.  Encrypted in the MP3 files, and also written on a piece of paper, he left messages telling her in no uncertain terms to stay away.

Of note, the dish isn’t visible on Google Earth, nor are a series of chemical factories in the area, including this one. It seems that Flyss was supposed to stay out of the whole area, but she took things literally, and only avoided the area of the dish. No one stopped her exploring anywhere else, and near that factory she came across a complex series of freeway overpasses in the middle of nowhere, with a tunnel beneath them.  This was the place where her camera sighted the non-mortal Stephen verified.  I’ve discussed that already.  But I’m wondering about now is why she was warned off from the Dish but not from the rest of the secret area.  And why was the Bounty Hunter snooping around all  those places?  (To be precise, in the case of the tunnel, all we know is that he’d placed a GPS tracker in the car of someone who later led Flyss to the tunnel.)

So much for background.  My thoughts on all this in the next post.

– Glenn

Questions, thoughts

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

(Continuing my last post.) So much for background. Here are the questions: Whose side is the Laughing One on?  I have the same question about the Bounty Hunter. There’s obviously some connection between them, though whether they’re enemies, allies or acquaintances don’t know.

My guess is that there are several groups of Immortals, as well as various mortals besides us who are interested in them.  (See, for example, this external post.) It also dawns on me that there may be no easy way for one non-mortal to recognize another.  They may need to track each other down the same way we’re doing.

Much to think about. — Glenn

How Do Immortals Migrate?

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Do Immortals migrate / in great black fleets of helicopters?

In motorcades of black SUVs? /in hearses? / in coffins?

Do they burrow beneath the soil like moles?

Are they carried in armored cars /guarded by a government they suborn?

Or do they each bundle the risks of a thousand years of life /into one great chance

And take a cab? — Kate

Observations, questions

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

For what it’s worth, here’s my report on what happened last Sunday night when Flyss and I crossed this bridge.

I began to notice members of some type of security service at least a quarter of mile before we arrived. They were deployed reasonably professionally, but not with any awe-inspiring skill. Not like the US Secret Service, for example. I was on the outskirts of a Presidential visit once, and those folks were of a whole different caliber. In this case, it was more a matter of how many of them there were. Whoever had set up the operation, they had money to burn.

There was also the curious incident of the journalists in the night; the journalists that weren’t there. How can you practically evacuate a public part of a city and not draw in camera snappers? Apparently you stage visits by Britney Spears lookalikes, report ghoulish sex crimes, have a Santa water ski in the lake and  light firecrackers near the mayor’s office, because that’s what happened around town that night. Who knows what else had to be set up? So they had great advance work, if nothing else.

The other question that comes to mind is, how does an Immortal hire people to work for her and make sure not one of them sells their story to the tabloids? An inner circle, at least, has to know her story, at least to some extent, I would think. How do you stop it from spreading? This part I never did figure out. But in the case of this particular person, one has to count on the effect of charisma. In person, she’s riveting, as Flyss described.

I guess my only other additional insights have to do with her nationality: I saw her up close, and heard her speak, but I have no idea where she comes from. A person who’s lived for any number of hundred years would have to have a whole mixture of accents, even if she only spoke one language, since all languages change their pronunciation over times like that. So its no surprise she didn’t have a recognizable accent. But I wonder how long one would have to have live so as not to look like any current nationality. Not that one can always tell where people came from. But she didn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen.

Not that she was deformed. Not at all. She was beautiful, really, in an exotic way. It really gets down to that, I guess. The exoticism. She was from somewhere far away, but not any place I’ve heard of. Which does fit with her coming from somewhere long ago in time.

One final comment: She didn’t have any signs of wear and tear on her face or her hands (which is all that was visible.) So if she has been on the planet for a long time, does this mean that she regenerates herself? Otherwise, you’d expect a person to pick up a scar or two as she goes along. At the same time, she can hardly be supernaturally invulnerable, or why would she need all the security? That fits with the theory that these are people who do not age, but aren’t otherwise supernatural. — Strattera

A whole set of fascinating questions

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Strattera, your post raises a whole set of fascinating questions. There are enormous practical difficulties for a person who does not age to move through our society without being identified. I think we’ve already established that personal security would be of immense importance to such a person: they have eternity to lose, whereas we have only a finite life span at risk. But the current era makes anonymity difficult. It appears that the person you and Flyss met has taken the approach of acquiring great power, as opposed to “the Aussie,” who seems merely to hide.

You also raise an interesting biological question. If the aging clock is disabled, or slowed, would that in some way allow regeneration of damaged tissue? Certainly, if this does not happen, one would expect an immortal to gradually accumulate wear and tear — and would that include such things as arthritis? I’ll need to check with a biologist friend of mine. – Stephen

Raising heirs on the social security farm?

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

I’ve just discovered an entirely new way to discover potential True Immortals and Hafeems (and probably terrorists too), and via this method I think I’ve found someone we already know.

You may be aware that the proliferation of online databases allows for a kind of sifting of information to find personal data in databases supposedly shorn of personal identifiers. I’ve been working with certain very large datasets lately, and have come across something that I’m calling “the social security farm.”

It appears that a considerable number of people issued social security numbers just so happen to never have their photos taken. They do not appear in school yearbooks, nor do they get driver’s licenses or passports. However, they’re not merely illegal immigrants as they very often possess certificates of graduation from US primary and secondary schools, if not colleges and universities, and other evidence to suggest that they have actual lives. Some of them marry, and a few even have children: but there is no photographic record of their appearance.

It would take someone with a great deal of patience and long range planning to carry out a project like this. An who would fit the picture better than an Immortal? As such a person can anticipate outliving his or her ability to pass as a mortal in one locale after 15 or 20 years, they might very well take the time to create a secure identity of the appropriate age to step into when they flee. In my mind, this process is called, “raising heirs on the social security farm.”

Now for the piquant part: I think I’ve identified one particular Immortal getting ready to change identities in this way, someone of considerable significance to this blog.

(continued in my next post) — Stephen

Ghost Children

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

In my last post, I mentioned discovering that fake people are being created in the US, in the sense that they get social security numbers and whole lives, but are never photographed and don’t seem to actually exist. I call them ghost children, and I believe that they are false identities painstakingly created for Immortals to step into. I discovered them some time ago, and have been systematically tracking more than a hundred.*

I also mentioned that I believe I’ve caught someone we know in the act of stepping into the identity of a ghost child.

A little background:When the ANC initially took power in South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s personality was such as to maintain amity, despite the white minority’s terrible history. But subsequent leaders haven’t had the same capacity, nor perhaps even the same intention. In recent years, there has been a tremendous amount of “white flight” from South Africa. A great many of these people are coming to the United States. And, as it happens, the US Homeland Security department isn’t terribly vigilant about illegal immigrants from there, and legal immigration isn’t that difficult. Use of ghost children shouldn’t be necessary.

For this reason, it caught my attention when I discovered that a certain white South African had been funneling money into the bank accounts “belonging” to no fewer than 11 eleven presumably non-existent white males in their early twenties. With that money, these ghost children have bought homes, installed security systems, purchased bullet proof cars, etc.

I don’t have a photograph of this South African.  But, as students of this blog may know, there is a certain Immortal living in South Africa whose time there is running out.  Because we first sighted him in Australia, we call him The Aussie. — Stephen

*As an aside, the expert system I used to do the systematic tracking is Babble-on, a name that some readers may recognize.